637 Properties on 41 Streets are Represented by the RCPOA

Zip Code:91207
Zoned as:Mostly R1R II and R1R III
(Click Here to see the Official City Zoning Map.)

Royal Boulevard, Greenbriar Road and Adjacent Streets

Properties inside the red boundary are represented by the RCPOA.
Properties between the red and blue boundaries comprise the Glen Knolls HOA.)

Alamo Drive
Alcalde Drive
Alcalde Way
Arboles Drive
Benowe Scotia Road
Bonnybrook Terrace
Briar Ridge Road
Chudleigh Lane
Del Monte Drive
East Mountain Street (Odd numbers between Greenbriar Road and the Verdugo Wash—1405 through 1481)
Esmeralda Drive
Greenbriar Road
Heather Ridge Drive
Imperial Drive
Ivy Bridge Road
Kildonan Drive (Only 1011)
Kilmary Lane
Kirkton Place
Lamego Drive
Las Flores Drive
Majestic Way
Melwood Drive (1900+ below Remah Vista Drive)
Misty Isle Drive
Moorside Drive
Moreno Drive
Oakengate Drive
Old Phillips Road (All numbers up to 1130 inclusive)
Orosco Drive
Pebbleshire Road
Penshore Terrace
Princes Drive
Puebla Drive
Rasic Ridge Road
Remah Vista Drive
Roca Drive
Royal Boulevard
San Pablo Drive (Only the dead end that connects to Oakengate Drive)
Stewarton Way
Thorncrest Drive
Torres Drive
Verde Drive
Whitehaven Terrace