DATE: APRIL 12, 2004


The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM and held at 1511 Royal Boulevard.

Absent Officers/Directors were: Dan Cabrera, Ken Cartwright, Robert Edwards.

Guests were: Dan Hardgrove, Souren Pirjanian, Aram Alajajian, Rene Moreno.

Dan Hardgrove, Assistant Maintenance Services Administrator with the City of Glendale's Public Works Maintenance Services discussed the status of the California Fan Palms that line Royal Boulevard.  Dan is responsible for maintenance of the Royal Boulevard grove.

Dan told us the trees are approximately seventy-five years old.  They have a two to ten year remaining life expectancy.  As they die, the City will replace them in groups of eight to ten with California Fan Palms, the same species of palm tree that now exists along Royal Boulevard.  This will create a stepped effect in contrast to the even height we now enjoy and establish a diversity of age, avoiding the cost of replacing all trees at one time.  The City plans to gage the grove's failure rate over the next couple years before starting a removal or replacement program.

As the trees die, they will be cut to the stump.  The stump will be ground to approximately eighteen inches below ground level.

The location of each tree has been established by survey.  This will assure replacement trees are planted in the same spot a former tree existed.  The trees were recently sprayed to prevent infection and disease such as Pink Rot and Diamond Scale.

If you have questions regarding the Royal Boulevard grove, Dan Hardgrove will welcome your phone call at: 818-548-3950.

Jim Cooper, our neighbor on Las Flores, is chairing a committee to monitor the California Fan Palm issue.  If you would like to serve on Jim's committee, please contact him at: 818-414-2398.

Your Board of Directors also met with Souren Pirjanian.  Mr. Pirjanian owns approximately 3.4 acres of unimproved land beyond the cul-de-sac at the end of Esmeralda Drive.  Mr. Pirjanian's architect, Aram Alajajian, reviewed plans and displayed renderings for their proposed development of the parcel.

A single-family residence, a guesthouse and a caretaker's home will be built on the property.  Ingress/egress, as now planned, will use the existing access road near the top of Las Flores Drive.

New Directors Nick Friesen, Jan Gero, MaryAnn Prelock, John Wolff were introduced and welcomed.

Helena Seltzer placed in nomination the following names for consideration as Association officers:
Robert Merry - President
Mary Jane Chocek - Vice President
Robert Edwards - Secretary
Richard Lee - Treasurer.

The nominations were closed and unanimously approved.

Richard Lee distributed and reviewed the Association financial statement.

Robert Ingersol agreed to review material handed out regarding Errors & Omissions insurance available for Homeowner Association officers and directors.

Jan Gero volunteered to host the July 12th Directors meeting.
Jim Eddy volunteered to host the October 11th Directors meeting.
Nick Friesen volunteered to host the January 17, 2005 Directors meeting.

There was no old or new business to address.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted by:
Carol Merry