DATE: JULY 12, 2004


President Robert Merry called the meeting, held at 1035 Alcalde Drive, to order at 7:00 PM.

Present: Ken Cartwright, Mary Jane Chocek, Nick Friesen, Dan Cabrara, Richard Lee, John Wolff, Jan Gero, Mary Ann Prelock, Helena Seltzer.

Absent: Robert Edwards, Jim Eddy

Guests: Dick Murray, President of the Chevy Chase Estates HOA and James Weling, City of Glendale Traffic Commissioner.

Dick Murray presented a proposal from his HOA addressing the City of Glendale's inaction on the current hillside ordinance.  Copy of the proposal is attached.  Dick is asking all HOA's to join with Chevy Chase in requesting the City to place a moratorium on all building requests until the hillside ordinance issues are resolved.  A motion was made and seconded that RCPOA back Dick's proposal.  Directors unanimously approved the motion.

Commissioner Weling gave the Directors an overview of Glendale's traffic problems and steps being taken and under consideration to mitigate the problems.  Jim alerted us to the pending increased enrollment at Glendale Community College and the resulting parking problems our neighborhood can expect.

Minutes of the April 12th meeting were approved with the following corrections:

  1. Richard Lee will host the October 11th Directors meeting
  2. Jim Eddy will host the December 13th Directors Dinner
  3. Nick Friesen is not committed to host the January 17, 2005 Directors meeting

Richard Lee distributed and reviewed the Treasurer's report.  An annual audit was discussed.  Nick Friesen and Jan Gero agreed to serve as the audit committee with Richard Lee as consultant.  They will have the audit completed by our January 17, 2005 Directors meeting.  Richard Lee will present it at the February 5, 2005 Annual Meeting.

Robert Merry advised the Directors that City of Glendale Urban Forrester Debra Day (818-548-3950) has been assigned to be our liaison with the City regarding the Royal Boulevard palm grove.

Robert reviewed a phone call he received from Eva Fonnet on Friday, July 2nd about 4PM.

Nick Friesen reviewed an article authored by Harry Zavos, published in the Glendale News-Press, addressing financial aspects of the proposed Town Center/Americana.  Nick encouraged the Directors to attend upcoming forums and debates that discuss the TC development.

The February 5, 2005 Annual Meeting program will be a forum for Glendale City Council candidates.

Helena Seltzer reviewed Summer Party preparations.  Robert and Carol Merry will bring all drinks.  Kyle will provide plastic glasses, napkins, ice and tubs for the ice.  If Kyle doesn't have tubs, Dan Cabrera will bring two.  Drink prices will be $1.00 for soda; all other drinks will be $2.00.  Mary Jane Chocek will serve as hostess/greeter.  Helena will ask Robert Edwards' son to again work as "shuttle bus" driver.

Directors revisited the topic of raising annual dues.  This followed up a suggestion offered by the budget review committee several months ago.  Helena Seltzer moved, with a second from Nick Friesen, to raise annual dues to $20 per household, per year, effective January 1, 2005.  The motion passed on a 7-3 vote.

Mary Jane Chocek and John Wolff agreed to formulate a membership drive program in which all Directors will participate.  When their plan is in place, we'll call a special Directors meeting to distribute assignments.

Nick Friesen stated among the benefits of a larger membership is more clout at City Hall on issues that affect our neighborhood - large membership indicating we represent a unified neighborhood.

Robert Ingersoll was absent due to illness but sent word to Robert Merry that he was working on Officer/Director Errors and Omission insurance as discussed at the April 12th Directors meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:03 PM.

Respectfully submitted by:
Carol Merry