DATE: OCTOBER 11, 2004


President Robert Merry called the meeting, held at 925 Penshore Terrace, to order at 7:05 PM.

Present: Ken Cartwright, Mary Jane Chocek, Nick Friesen, Dan Cabrera, Richard Lee, John Wolff, Jan Gero, Helena Seltzer.

Excused: Mary Ann Prelock, Bob Ingersoll

Absent: Robert Edwards, Jim Eddy

Minutes for the July 12, 2004 meeting were approved.  A motion to approve the minutes was made by Nick Friesen, and seconded by Helena Seltzer.

Treasurer's report by Richard Lee was approved.  A motion to approve the report was made by Nick Friesen, and seconded by Helena Seltzer.

Richard Lee reported a July 12, 2004 cash balance of $28,562.02.  With interest income, dues, summer party, the balance as of October 11, 2004 is $28,529.38.  There was a loss of $97 from the summer party.  The CD is currently earning 2.08% interest for 36 months.  Membership is at 186 households.

Robert Merry read a letter from Deborah Day (City liaison) giving an up-date on the condition of Royal Boulevard palm trees.

Robert Merry read a letter from Chevy Chase Estates HOA President Dick Murray thanking RCPOA for their support of the hillside ordinance.

Robert Merry announced Will Rogers agreed to moderate the City Council Candidates Forum which will be our program for the February 5th RCPOA Annual Meeting at the Oakmont Country Club.

Dues increase - motion by Nick Friesen, second by Helena Seltzer that annual dues be increased to $20/household effective January 1, 2005.  All households that are pre-paid will be grandfathered in and not charged an additional $5.

Audit Committee -- Richard Lee indicated the audit review committee completion deadline is the December 13th Directors Meeting.  Richard explained the audit procedures.  Nick Friesen asked who has authority to sign checks.  Richard explained, per By-Laws, only the treasurer's signature is required.  Everyone agreed this was adequate.

Richard Lee recapped the September and October Glendale Coordinating Council meetings.  The September GHCC speaker was Will Rogers who spoke about Americana at Brand.  Speakers at the October meeting were Eileen Givens addressing the new City Charter revision and a representative from the City of Los Angeles who spoke about the West Nile Virus.

Mary Jane Chocek spoke as Membership Committee Chair.  Mary Jane shared a letter she had written to recruit new members.  She is considering how best to implement a membership drive.  Robert said he would give her recruiting information he has that she can copy and distribute to new households in the area.

Helena Seltzer, as Social Chair, recapped the Summer Party.  Helena has a commitment from Glenn and Lynn to host the August 2005 Summer Party.  The price will be increased from $15/person to $17.50.

Helena Seltzer, as Nominating Committee Chair, will contact directors whose two-year term ends in February 2005 to determine their willingness to continue to serve as directors.  Total number of directors is currently 13, the maximum set forth in our By-Laws.

Robert Merry will prepare a newsletter before the end of the year, which will ask anyone willing to serve as a Director to contact Helena.  He will include a reservation form for the annual February brunch and he will state annual dues after January 1, 2005 will be $20/household, for those paying by December 31st, the dues will be $15/household.

Robert will send an invitation to all announced City Council candidates to participate in our February 5th forum.

No Old Business

New Business - Nick Friesen felt it was time to repave Royal Boulevard and Old Phillips Road.  Dan Cabrera indicated the city has a repaving schedule and suggested Nick check with city.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.

Next meeting:
Directors Christmas Dinner
December 13th, 2004
Jim Eddy's home at 1562 Royal Boulevard

Respectfully submitted by:
Carol Merry