DATE: JANUARY 17, 2005


President Robert Merry, at the home of Mary Jane Chocek, called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

Attending: Mary Jane Chocek, Mary Ann Prelock, Helena Seltzer, Ken Cartwright, Nick Friesen, Richard Lee, Robert Merry, John Wolff
Guest: Will Rogers
Excused: Robert Ingersoll
Absent: Dan Cabrera, Jim Eddy, Robert Edwards, Jan Gero

Meeting agenda was to prepare for the RCPOA's Annual Meeting on February 5th with focus on the "City Council Candidates Forum" program.  Will Rogers agreed to serve as the Forum moderator.

The event will begin with a social at 11:00 AM followed by a brief business meeting at 11:15 AM confined to two items of business: The election of 2005/2006 Directors and the Treasurer's report.  Brunch will start at 11:30 AM; the Forum will then proceed from Noon to 2:00 PM.

Index cards with pencils will be at each place setting for attendees to prepare questions.  Questions are to be structured so they may be addressed to any candidate.  Carol Lee & Carol Merry will collect the questions at 11:50 AM, they will be reviewed for redundancy and then handed to Will Rogers.

There are nineteen declared candidates running for City Council.  Our Forum will run for two hours.  The challenge becomes how to structure the program to best utilize the available time.

Also of concern is how to configure the room to accommodate the candidates and their access to available microphones.  Will suggested that a portable microphone could be used.  Helena will work this out with Oakmont and advise.

Seating Arrangement during the Forum:
Candidates will be handed a numbered card as they arrive.
Numbered chairs will be set up for candidates to use during the Forum.

Type of Questions:
1) "Lightning round" questions will be addressed to all candidates at once.
They will be answered using flash cards displaying: "YES", "NO" or "DON'T KNOW".

2) Specific questions will be addressed to groups of five candidates at a time allowing each candidate a 30 second verbal response.

3) Audience questions will be addressed to one candidate at a time allowing a two-minute response.

Ground Rules:
Candidates will not be allowed formal opening statements.
Will Rogers will introduce each candidate by name.
Candidates may preface their answers by stating their name.
Each candidate will be allowed a 90 second closing statement.
Candidates may remain following the forum to do a one-on-one with attendees as Oakmont's schedule permits.  Helena will advise.

Richard Lee will serve as the official timer.

A table will be available for candidate literature.

Candidates have been personally invited to participate in the Forum as RCPOA's guest for brunch.  Candidates have been advised in writing that members of their entourage are to pay for brunch.

Motion to adjourn by Ken Cartwright and seconded by Nick Friesen.

Meeting adjourned at 8:05 PM.

Minutes prepared and respectfully submitted by Carol Merry.