I. Call to Order

John Wolff called to order the regular meeting of the RCPOA Board of Directors at 7:01pm on Tuesday, March 8, 2010 at 1700 Briar Ridge Road.

II. Roll Call

The following Directors were present:
John Wolff, Richard Lee, Bea Wojtyla, Leanne Reynolds, Jim Eddy, Lyn Foster, Mike Myers, Armine Hacopian, Carol Merry, Nick Friesen, Stephanie Schus and Todd Yvega.
Zareh Amirian (excused).

III. Open Issues

  1. Richard Lee presented the Nominating Committee’s recommendations for Officers as follows:  President: Leanne Reynolds; Vice President: Mike Myers; Secretary: Zareh Amirian; Treasurer: Richard Lee.  The Board approved the recommendations, and these candidates were unanimously elected by voice vote.

    Richard Lee recognized John Wolff’s three years of service, noted that John served the second-longest period as RCPOA president, and thanked him for a job well done.
  2. John Wolff recognized and welcomed new Directors Stephanie Schus and Todd Yvega.
  3. John Wolff asked Directors to verify their addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses.
  4. Regular meeting dates and hosts for 2011 were set as follows:
    • Monday, May 9 (Picnic Planning) – host:  Armine Hacopian.
    • Tuesday, July 12 (Summer Party Planning) – host:  Mike Myers.
    • Monday, October 10 – host:  Leanne Reynolds.
    • Monday, December 12 (Board Appreciation Dinner) – host:  Jim Eddy.
  5. Richard Lee gave the Treasurer’s Report.  He indicated that dues paid to date in 2011 were up over the same period last year by 80 households, probably attributable to the invoice and survey sent to residents with return envelopes at the end of 2010.  Dues collected from 1/1/11 through 3/8/11 totaled $2,710.  Interest income was $73.70, for total income to date of $2,783.70.  Total expenses to date were $1,963.92, leaving a balance of $20,119.97.

    There was discussion regarding the Annual Meeting and Candidates’ Forum.  Todd Yvega suggested that, in the future, all candidates be required to submit written materials in advance with no passing out of additional materials during the candidates’ presentations.  The format of the Forum was discussed, and there was general agreement that the format could be improved if all candidates had to answer all the questions. Stephanie Schus suggested that we consider a different moderator and indicated that her husband, Joe Russin, an Emmy-award-winning producer, has hosted political debates in the past and would be a good alternative.  Other suggestions to improve the Forum were better audio equipment and lists of candidates at the tables.
  6. Richard Lee gave the Membership Report, indicating 146 current household members, including 7 past presidents.
  7. Event dates and fees were determined as follows:
    • The Summer Picnic was scheduled tentatively for June 11, depending on availability.
    • The Summer Party was scheduled for Sunday, September 18 at the home of Don Schneider, 1446 Royal Drive.  Admission $20.00/person.
    • The 2012 Annual Business Meeting was scheduled for February 4, 2012.  Admission $25.00/person.  Leanne will find a featured speaker.
  8. The next Newsletter is due out in mid-May to promote the Summer Picnic.  Lyn Foster agreed to edit the Newsletter.  Stephanie Schus volunteered to write an article giving results of the recent Homeowner Survey, and Armine Hacopian volunteered to write an article regarding Glendale Community College and its relationship with our neighborhood and community.

    Bea Wojtyla will chair, and Leanne will co-chair, the Summer Picnic.  Todd Yvega volunteered the assistance of his wife Cheryl, who is a professional events coordinator.
  9. Todd Yvega agreed to be webmaster.  He will coordinate with John Wolff and Lyn Foster to continue work on the new look of the Web site.  Todd will further improve the Web site’s function, making it more interactive and allowing input from contributors, with a goal launch date of May 1 so that it can be promoted in the May Newsletter.
  10. Stephanie Schus reported results of the RCPOA Member Survey.  She indicated that the respondents were overwhelmingly members of RCPOA, although the survey went out to all neighborhood residents.  69% of respondents are 2-person households with no children, and 21% are 1-person households.  Only 18% of respondents have children at home, ranging in age from 1 to early 20s with no predominant cluster of ages.  57% of respondents had no interest in any of the “interest groups” listed on the survey, but of those that showed interest, the top three groups were Neighborhood Watch, Area Yard Sale and Gardening.  People were interested in being able to check the Web site for recommendations for local services.

    Given the apparent lack of response from non-members, Stephanie recommends that RCPOA consider a special mailing to non-members to gain a better understanding of why they have not joined RCPOA.

    Mike Myers suggested more reaching out to non-members, perhaps by a letter in the middle of the year.

    Armine Hacopian suggested that RCPOA focus on homeowner issues, such as information re foreclosures, refinancing and current rates, and perhaps a gallery of photos on the Web site showing gardens and area wildlife.

    The general impression was that the survey was very successful and a learning experience which should lead to improved surveys in the future.
  11. Carol Merry reported no major issues for the Neighborhood Issues and Projects Committee.  John Wolff suggested that some attention is needed on Upper Royal Drive because of stop signs blocked by shrubbery.  Carol will work to get the City to cut back the shrubbery and/or to cite homeowners to do so.

IV. New Business

There was no new business.

V. Adjournment

John Wolff adjourned the meeting at 9:15 PM.

Minutes submitted by:  Lyn Foster, Acting Secretary