1. Call to Order

    Leanne Reynolds called to order the regular meeting of the RCPOA Board of Director at 7:05 pm on Monday, May 9, 2011, at 906 Penshore Terrace.

  2. Roll Call
    The following Directors were present:
    Leanne Reynolds, John Wolff, Richard Lee, Bea Wojtyla, Jim Eddy, Mike Myers, Armine Hacopian, Nick Friesen, Stephanie Schus and Todd Yvega.
    Excused absent Directors:
    Zareh Amirian, Carol Merry and Lyn Foster.
  3. Approval of Minutes From Last Meeting

    The minutes of the March 8th, 2011 meeting were approved.

  4. Treasurer’s Report

    Richard Lee gave the Treasurer’s Report.  149 members (7 past presidents) have paid their dues to date this year.  Membership dues collected since prior meeting of 3/8/2011 were $60, or 3 members.  Interest income was $47.00.  Total expenses were $592.86 leaving a balance of $19,643.11.

  5. GHCC News

    Richard Lee provided a summary of the most recent GHCC meeting with special speaker Police Chief Ron de Pompa.  The Chief presented predicated impact of early release of California State Prison inmates.  Neighborhood Watch Programs were encouraged.  Richard also informed Directors of the role of the Zoning Committee of the GHCC.

    Richard explained the reasons for the Rossmoyne Homeowners Group written notification to the GHCC to withdraw from the organization.  The Directors discussed the importance of following RCPOA by-laws.

  6. Non-member Survey Results

    Stephanie Schus recapped initial results of a recent survey mailed to non-members to better understand their reasons for not joining and what they would like to see from RCPOA.  Compliments were given to Stephanie for her efficient design suggestion for this mailing to reduce costs.  Based on the 13 responses received to date, the #1 reason for not joining RCPOA was that these non-members “didn’t see the value of joining.”  Some responses noted positive comments re: proposed interest groups.

  7. Membership Update

    As a follow up to this survey, Mike Myers will execute a membership appeal letter under the President’s signature to enlighten the 536 non-member homeowners reasons to join.  This will be in homes before the picnic on June 11th to encourage picnic attendance.  The Directors voted to spend up to $430 for this membership drive consisting of the printed letter, two envelopes (outgoing and return), a member dues form, assembly, addressing and postage.

    There was discussion on whether residents need to be RCPOA members in order to participate in developing Interest Groups.  It was decided that any resident in our area may participate in an interest group regardless of membership status in order to get them involved and nurture a desire to join in the future.

  8. Picnic Planning

    This year’s Picnic will be held in Verdugo Park on Saturday, June 11th.  Hours are from 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM.  Each Board Member is requested to bring one or more gift certificates cumulatively valued at $20 for the raffle drawings.  These can be paid for by Directors or donated from companies.  $20 can be any combination of certificates from any business (i.e., ice cream, fast food, etc.)  A representative of the police department will make a brief announcement about forming a neighborhood watch program and announce the date for the kickoff meeting.

    Picnic Assignments:

    Carol Merry & Wendy Myers — Assisted by Richard Lee

    Richard will provide copies of the neighborhood residents and membership list for residents at the check-in table.  Name tags will be available.  Residents should put their name and street name on tags.

    Mike Myers

    Each person will be given a meal ticket.  Mike will develop the meal ticket.  Our caterer will be paid only by the count of the meal tickets so it is important that the caterer collect these tickets.

    Bea Wojtyla

    Bea will be in charge of selling additional raffle tickets at $1.00 each.  She will oversee the caterer, bouncer vendor, and working with the park personnel.

    Todd Yvega & Jim Eddy

    Each is responsible for hanging/displaying one of the picnic banners to go up Memorial Day Weekend.  It was suggested that the empty area to the north of Carol Merry’s home would be a good spot on Royal Blvd.  In the past we have hung the sign on Greenbriar on the homeowner’s fence.  Todd and Jim will seek permission from these homeowners to place banner on their property.

    Todd will research purchasing stakes to hold up the banners.  These banners can then be moved to the picnic area the morning of the picnic and better displayed.

    Leanne will drop off lawn signs announcing the picnic to Todd and Jim.  They will place these up and down Royal Blvd and Greenbriar Road the week before the picnic.

    Armine Hacopian

    Armine will produce Tabletop signs of Interest Groups & Sign Up sheets with name of Group and key Group Leader.

    • Gardening — Stephanie Schus
    • Neighborhood Watch — Leanne Reynolds
    • Neighborhood Yard Sale — Dan Cabrera
    • Historic — Greg Grammer
    • Bridge — Lyn Foster
    Leanne Reynolds

    Will send an email blast about the picnic to members and the non-members whose email addresses we have.

    Stephanie Schus

    Set up Tabletop Signs & Sign Up Sheets in area for Interest Groups.

  9. Web Site

    Todd Yvega, our new Webmaster, gave a demonstration on how he created a Web site for easy content update.  He is obtaining a dedicated server for the RCPOA site.  The Directors were impressed with what Todd has accomplished.  Todd will continue his work with input from Directors.

    He needs the following people to provide documents to add to Web site:

    • Lyn Foster — Newsletter for the past two years
    • Richard Lee — Treasurer Reports for the past two years
    • John Wolff & Zareh Amirian — Board of Directors Minutes
    • Leanne Reynolds — Photos of past events

    The revised site will include access for Directors to upload documents directly.  There was a discussion on appointing a final editor of uploaded documents before going “live”.  Todd will continue to work out details and add content and present the updated site at our next Board of Directors meeting on July 12th.  John Wolff will assist with the transfer of our domain name to a new host selected by Todd.

    The Board discussed Todd’s proposal to implement restricted access to sensitive information on the Web site.  For example, when the public views the membership roster page they are presented member households listed only by address.  But Board members could log in and then view and edit the complete list of households including names and contact information.

    The next newsletter can feature an article about RCPOA’s improved Web site.

Minutes submitted by:  Leanne Reynolds, Acting Secretary  (ed. SS, TY)