1. Call to Order

    RCPOA President Leanne Reynolds called to order the regular meeting of the RCPOA Board of Directors at 7:03 PM on Monday, October 25th, 2011 at the home of RCPOA President Leanne Reynolds.

  2. Roll Call

    Zareh Amirian conducted a roll call.

    The following Directors were present:
    John Wolff, Zareh Amirian, Richard Lee, Bea Wojtyla, Leanne Reynolds, Lyn Foster, Mike Myers, Armine Hacopian, Stephanie Schus, Todd Yvega, Carol Merry.
    Absent Directors:
    Jim Eddy (excused), Nick Friesen.
    The following non-Director was also present:
    Dan Cabrera.
  3. Approval of Minutes From Last Meeting

    Stephanie Schus moved to approve minutes of July 25th Board Meeting as submitted.  The minutes were approved as submitted by unanimous consent (Carol Merry abstained due to being absent at the aforementioned meeting).

  4. Open Issues
    1. Area Yard Sale Report

      Dan Cabrera, past President of RCPOA, reported on RCPOA’s first Neighborhood Yard Sale.  To date, 45 households have signed up to participate on 10/16/2011 including several households just outside of the RCPOA area.  Publicity was done on Craigslist and the Glendale News Press.  Discussion followed regarding tank rental for balloons and location of a map station.  Per Dan, no permit is necessary according to the City Clerk’s office for this event.  Signs need to come down the same day and Stephanie Schus suggested that homeowners remove their own signs and that blue tape is used to prevent damage/residue.  Stephanie Schus also suggested the map list house numbers on the reverse side, which Dan felt was unnecessary.  John Wolff suggested that a stack of maps be put at first houses participating.  President Leanne Reynolds offered to donate the card table for maps.  VP Mike Meyers moved to authorize balloon and tank expenses.  Motion lost due to lack of a second.

      A discussion regarding security occurred.  Armine Hacopian raised the question of follow-up to the event.  Dan Cabrera said he would work with Stephanie to do a follow up survey and investigate police presence for the event.  John Wolff asked whether the event should be members only, which the majority did not feel was the right way to approach our First Neighborhood Yard Sale.  Lyn Foster suggested that photos be gathered of the event.  Dan agreed to Stephanie Schus’s request to provide a procedure manual to help any future organizer of neighborhood yard sale.  Zareh Amirian moved to approve expenditures of up to $500 for the event to cover the cost of signs and publicity.  Mike Myers seconded.  The motion passed by unanimous consent.

    2. Treasurer’s Report

      Treasurer Richard Lee gave the Treasurer’s Report, discussed this year’s higher costs of the Summer Social and delivered several notices regarding the Post Office.  Stephanie Schus suggested the need for an annual/quarterly projection of revenues and expenditures be done to help us understand where the organization stood financially on a quarterly basis.  John Wolff suggested that all Budget related items be discussed at December meeting.

    3. Summer Social Report

      The Summer Social Report was presented by Carol Merry.  All agreed the food was better than ever.  She offered thanks to the Board members who volunteered.  Leanne Reynolds suggested that a procedure manual be created for future Board members on how to organize the Summer Social.  Carol agreed.  Mike Myers commented regarding the bartenders.  John Wolff supported the idea of a professional bartender.  The group agreed.  Bea Wojtyla observed that a couple had brought two children which was not really appropriate for the event, which perhaps should be made clear in the future.  Leanne Reynolds suggested the Board purchase a microphone and amplifier for future events.  Mike Myers moved that the Board purchase a microphone and amp.  Lyn Foster seconded.  The motion passed with unanimous consent.  Leanne Reynolds agreed to look into the purchase thereof.

    4. Web Site Report

      Todd Yvega presented a Web Site Report and demonstrated the new “Recommendation by Your Neighbors” feature on the Web site.  This includes a form for the public to submit their recommendations, an admin-only page for approval or rejection of the submissions, and a page to display the approved submissions with filtering capabilities.  He said he will review submitted recommendations until a Web site “editor” was appointed.  Leanne Reynolds suggested that a Board member be designated as Communications Director.  John Wolff suggested that the discussion regarding the Communications Director be tabled to the next meeting.  Discussion and positive comments followed regarding the home page of the Web site, especially how new photos of recent events have been used.

    5. Interest Groups Report

      Stephanie Schus delivered the Interest Groups Report noting activities of the Gardening and Book Discussion Groups and that the Cooking, Film Discussion and Historical Issues Groups are still being formed.  The Bridge group did not appear to have enough interest at this time despite efforts to get it going.  Gina Vadurro, the resident who volunteered to start a Your Parents group, had only three responses from the notice in then newsletter but we know this will take some time to get going.  Todd Yvega acknowledged the need to include information about these groups on the Web site – something he has on his To Do list.  Leanne Reynolds mentioned an email from a member who thinks the neighborhood has become a friendlier place to live, with the greater number of RCPOA-sponsored activities.

    6. Neighborhood Watch

      Leanne Reynolds discussed Radar Guns and a neighborhood watch type group for speeders.  After much discussion on the pros and cons, the issue was tabled.

    7. Membership Committee Report

      Mike Myers stated his objective to send out a “dues are due” letter the 1st week of December in order to get 2012 dues revenue prior to the 1st of the year.  He said we need to make it clear that dues run only through December 31st, and so need to be paid (ideally) at the beginning of each year.  A separate dues appeal would then follow in the January newsletter.  There was general agreement he could use the most recent dues appeal letter as the basis for the 2012 campaign with minor adjustments.

    8. Newsletter Planning

      Lyn Foster discussed her plans for the next newsletter and set 12/20/11 the deadline for content submission.  She envisioned a major article about the new features on our website, a review of the Summer Social party, a Yard Sale recap, Interest Group announcements, and an insert for the RSVP to the annual meeting.  Photos will illustrate the activities reported.  The President’s Letter will support the dues effort and reinforce RCPOA’s 2011 accomplishments.

    9. Next Meeting

      Question was raised about the Board meeting more than four times a year.  John Wolff suggested an extra meeting(s) be called as needed, which appeared to get agreement from other Board Members.

      The next meeting will take place on Monday December 12th, 2011 @ 7:00 PM at the home of Jim Eddy.  Leanne requested that Board members submit their suggestions for the speaker at our annual meeting, scheduled for February 4th, 2012.

  5. New Business
    1. Armine Hacopian brought up an issue regarding Governor Brown signing a redistricting bill that may have an impact on Glendale.

  6. Adjournment

    Leanne Reynolds adjourned the meeting at 9:35 PM.

Minutes submitted by:  Zareh Amirian, Secretary and revised by Stephanie Schus.