1. Call to Order

    Leanne Reynolds called to order the regular meeting of the RCPOA Board of Directors at 7:05 PM on Monday, December 12, 2011, at the home of Board Member Jim Eddy, 1562 Royal Boulevard.

  2. Roll Call
    The following Directors were present:
    Jim Eddy, Lyn Foster, Carol Merry, Mike Myers, Leanne Reynolds, Stephanie Schus, Bea Wojtyla, John Wolff and Todd Yvega.
    Absent Directors:
    Zareh Amirian, Nick Friesen, Armine Hacopian and Richard Lee (all excused).
    The following non-Director was also present:
    Dan Cabrera.
  3. Approval of Minutes From Last Meeting

    Approval of Minutes of the October 10th meeting was deferred due to insufficient time for review.  Board Members will provide their comments on the Draft Minutes to President Leanne Reynolds by December 19th, and she will re-circulate the final draft to the Board Members by email (hard copy to Bea Wojtyla) for approval.

  4. Open Issues
    1. Area Yard Sale Report

      Dan Cabrera, Past President of RCPOA, reported on the RCPOA’s first annual Neighborhood Yard Sale held on 10/16/2011.  29 households participated.  Only 17 of the 29 households are members of RCPOA.  Costs to RCPOA were approximately $400, of which $180 was for signs that will be available for future yard sales, so costs for any future yard sales would be approximately $200.  Stephanie Schus reported on the feedback from participating households.  The majority rated the event as excellent or very good.  Overwhelmingly, participants indicated that they would pay $10 to participate in a future yard sale.  They really liked the pre-sales materials provided by Dan Cabrera.  A slight majority would prefer to hold such an event on a Saturday (as opposed to Sunday).  Several people noted the need to include the actual house addresses along with the visual map of participating homes and some suggested that an indication might be given if certain participating households featured specific items, such as books or antiques.  The few participants in outlying Royal Canyon areas stressed the need for more signage indicating their locations.

    2. Treasurer’s Report

      Although Richard Lee was unable to attend the meeting, he provided a written Treasurer’s Report of Financial Results for the Period October 10, 2011 through December 12, 2011.  A copy of this report is attached.

      The Board noted that the Summer Social went a bit over budget, due in part to a paid bartender and upscale wine.  John Wolff noted that our cash account is $2,000 below the amount from one year ago, and we need to watch our expenses closely.  Discussion included the need to increase membership.  President Leanne Reynolds voiced her goal for next year to have at least one meeting with presidents of the other 21 homeowner groups at her home to compare other groups’ income and expenses.  She raised the possibility of increasing dues to $25, which other homeowner groups charge, and noted that there was no resistance to raising the fee for this year’s Summer Social.  Todd Yvega agreed to check the RCPOA mailbox regularly, as that will help him maintain a more current list of RCPOA members.

    3. Membership Committee Report

      Mike Myers made recommendations regarding efforts to increase membership.  He reported that last year RCPOA sent a mass mailing to non-members in the RCPOA area.  That mailing cost approximately $450 and resulted in about 40 new members, adding dues of about $800.  Subtracting costs, each new member contributed only $10 each, instead of $20 each.  He would not recommend doing the same kind of mass mailing again as it is too expensive.  Mike made a motion that we remind people in the upcoming newsletter that dues are due on January 1, and that we not send a mass mailing or mass email at this time.  Bea Wojtyla seconded the motion, and it was passed unanimously.

      Discussion included mentioning in the newsletter that we have had a successful year because of increased membership and increased events of interest.  Stephanie Schus pointed out that last year’s membership drive encompassed multiple efforts which undoubtedly had an impact on response: a stand-alone dues mailing; a mailing customized to non-members; mention in the newsletter; plus the membership surveys to all residents and to non-members.  Eventually a consensus developed to have Leanne send out an email blast in early January, concurrently with the newsletter, to those members for whom we have email addresses, that dues are due as of January 1.  Then, after the Annual Meeting, follow-up might be done by phone for those members who have not yet renewed.  Mike recommends that we work to increase our list of member (and non-member) email addresses, sending any new ones to Todd Yvega.  It was suggested we could start by asking all attendees at the Annual Meeting to provide us with this information.  Hopefully, by next December, we will be able to send a mass email regarding dues (much less expensive than a mass mailing).

      Mike Myers proposed a motion to raise annual dues from $20 to $25.  Carol Merry seconded the motion, and it was passed unanimously, with Stephanie Schus abstaining.  Mike provided a very interesting written sheet analyzing membership by street, indicating numbers of eligible households on each street vs. numbers of actual member households.  This will be helpful for Board Members to identify particular streets where recruitment efforts are most needed.  A copy of Mike’s membership roster analysis is attached.

    4. Annual Member Brunch and Business Meeting Planning

      Leanne Reynolds raised the subject of a speaker at the RCPOA Annual Meeting, and mentioned four suggestions: Mayor Laura Friedman, Police Chief Ronald DePompa, Editor of the Glendale News-Press Dan Evans or Glendale’s new City Manager.  A vote was taken for first, second, third and fourth choices.  First choice was DePompa; second choice was Dan Evans; third choice was the new City Manager; fourth choice was Mayor Laura Friedman.  It should be noted that the Board made clear that the only reason Mayor Friedman was fourth choice was that Mayor Friedman has already made herself available on many occasions to speak to RCPOA members.

      Carol Merry advised that the main dining room is available at the Oakmont Country Club for our Annual Meeting on February 4th.  Our cost last year was $23.71 per person, and the Club has indicated that the cost this year will not go up more than $1.00.  There is also a mandatory valet parking fee of $250.00 ($345.00 if the number attending is greater than 76, which is unlikely).  The meeting will begin at 10:30 AM.  The speaker will talk for 20 minutes, followed by a 20 minute Q&A period.  The RCPOA business meeting, including the election of Directors, will take place after brunch and before the speaker.  Those Directors whose terms expire in 2012 are: Lyn Foster, Carol Merry, Leanne Reynolds, Bea Wojtyla, John Wolff and Todd Yvega.  All but Carol Merry agreed to continue on the Board.

    5. Nominating Committee Planning

      Jim Eddy made a motion that the Board Members on the Nominating Committee be Mike Myers and John Wolff, with Mike serving as Chairman.  The motion was seconded by Leanne Reynolds and was passed unanimously.  Two people were suggested as possibilities to fill the position that will be vacated by Carol Merry: Cheryl Frees-Yvega and Dorothy Montapert.  Mike and John will determine the 3 past Presidents who will serve this year on the Nominating Committee.  The Nominating Committee’s choice for a new member will be announced at the Annual Meeting, and an election of a new member will take place.  Officers will be elected at the March Board meeting.  Leanne Reynolds will notify the Board of the date and place of the March meeting, and a schedule for the remaining 2012 meetings will be determined at the March meeting.

    6. Newsletter Planning

      Lyn Foster proposed, and the Board supported, the following topics for the newsletter that will go out shortly after January 1st:

      • An article about the new Web site, outlining recent additions and improvements (Todd Yvega will prepare)
      • Photos and captions regarding the Summer Social (Leanne Reynolds will contribute); photos and recap of yardsale (Leanne and Lyn will jointly prepare)
      • Interest group announcements (Stephanie Schus will prepare)
      • An insert regarding the Annual Meeting, and on the reverse side, a membership application and reminder that annual dues are due.

      The Board agreed that a return envelope should be included with the newsletter.

    7. Interest Groups Report

      Stephanie Schus provided a written update regarding RCPOA Interest Groups, a copy of which is attached.

  5. New Business

    There was no new business discussed.  (Stephanie Schus expressed concern that there is rarely time left at each meeting to allow for the discussion of new business and hoped that future meetings would correct this problem.)

  6. Adjournment

    Leanne Reynolds adjourned the meeting at 9:00 PM.

Minutes submitted by:  Lyn Foster, Acting Secretary