1. Call to Order

    Leanne Reynolds called to order this special meeting of the RCPOA Board of Directors at 7:08 PM on Thursday, December 29th, 2011 at the home of RCPOA President Leanne Reynolds.  This special meeting was called, in accordance with article III, paragraph 3 of the RCPOA bylaws, for a motion to rescind the vote held on December 12th, 2011 to raise membership dues from $20 to $25 per year.

  2. Roll Call

    Zareh Amirian conducted a roll call.

    The following Directors were present:
    Zareh Amirian, Lyn Foster, Richard Lee, Mike Myers, Leanne Reynolds, Stephanie Schus, Bea Wojtyla, John Wolff, Todd Yvega.
    Absent Directors:
    Jim Eddy, Nick Friesen, Carol Merry, Armine Hacopian.
  3. Approval of Minutes From Last Meeting

    No prior meeting minutes were submitted for approval at this special meeting of the RCPOA Board of Directors.

  4. Open Issues
    1. Richard Lee gave a presentation on the collection of RCPOA dues over the past several years, including the last period in which dues were raised from $15 a year to $20 a year.

    2. Discussion regarding Richard’s presentation included the following:

      Todd Yvega mentioned that Richard Lee’s projections assumed a 20-25% decline in membership.  Todd Yvega also stated that $5 is not a lot of money relative to the value of being a member of the RCPOA, and that the increase was necessary for the future.

      John Wolff and Stephanie Schus discussed the RCPOA cash reserves and explored why the cash reserves appeared to be so large.  Richard Lee responded that a certain number of years of operating expenses should be held in reserve as a contingency.

      Stephanie Schus also mentioned the goal of increasing membership, and that raising the dues could possibly jeopardize the membership drive.  She also spoke about the perception of raising dues in the context of the RCPOA’s services offered and relatively large reserve account.  She listed multiple pros & cons to increasing the dues.

      Lyn Foster mentioned the importance of offering more value to RCPOA members for the increased dues cost.

      Leanne Reynolds discussed the dues costs by other homeowner associations and that RCPOA was one of the lowest.  She further stated that at some point dues will need to be increased as costs are rising for the newsletter and other activities the association undertakes.

      Stephanie Schus moved to rescind the vote of December 12th, 2011 to raise membership dues from $20 to $25 per year.  Richard Lee seconded.  The motion passed with a vote of 6-2 with Mike Myers and John Wolff voting ‘nay’ and one abstention.

  5. New Business
    1. Bylaws Amendment

      John Wolff presented a small amendment to the bylaws for discussion.  The amendment would add “, or by electronic transmission, including E-Mail.” to section 6a of the bylaws.  The Board recommended that the amendment be presented to the RCPOA membership during the Winter Meeting.

  6. Adjournment

    Leanne Reynolds adjourned the meeting at 9:05 PM.

Minutes submitted by:  Zareh Amirian, Secretary