Table of Contents

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval of Minutes From the Two Previous Regular Board Meetings
  4. Open Issues
    1. Treasurer’s Report
    2. Summer Social Recap
    3. National Night Out Committee Report
    4. Area Yard/Garage Sale Planning
    5. Newsletter Report
    6. By-laws Revision
    7. Web Site & Constant Contact Report
    8. Membership Drive for 2015
    9. Interest Groups Report
    10. Neighborhood Watch Report
  5. New Business
  6. Adjournment

  1. Call to Order

    President Leanne Reynolds called to order the regular meeting of the RCPOA Board of Directors at 7:05 PM on Monday, October 13 at the home of Director Armine Hacopian.

  2. Roll Call
    Directors present
    Lyn Foster, Cheryl Frees-Yvega, Armine Hacopian, Bruce Hinckley, Barbara Mastro, Wendy Myers, Armine Perian, Leanne Reynolds, Stephanie Schus, John Wolff, Todd Yvega.
    Directors absent
    Richard Lee, Beth Volpe.
    Note taker
    Armine Perian.
  3. Approval of Minutes From the Two Previous Regular Board Meetings
    • Motion by Lyn Foster, seconded by Bruce Hinckley, to approve the minutes of the May 12 meeting.  Motion carried unanimously.
    • Motion by Bruce Hinckley, seconded by Stephanie Schus, to approve the minutes of the July 14 meeting.  Motion carried unanimously.
  4. Open Issues
    1. Treasurer’s Report

      Director Bruce Hinckley presented on behalf of Treasurer Richard Lee.

      • The Treasurer’s Report (attached) was circulated to the Board.
      • It showed we now have 257 members.
      • Bruce pointed out that in the 2014 Financials, the Actual To Date column was the most significant column.
      • National Night Out:
        • $33.00 loss.
        • Follow up if thank you notes were sent to the 3 homeowners who allowed us to use their yards for the event.
        • Need to make sure to save NNO signs for future NNOs, which Bruce said he would check on.
      • Summer Social – $14.00 profit with 77 guests.
      • Motion to approve Financial Reports by Stephanie Schus.  Seconded by Cheryl Frees-Yvega.  Motion carried unanimously.
      • Special recognition to Treasurer Richard Lee for all his hard work over many years providing financial reports.
    2. Summer Social Recap

      Social Committee Chair Cheryl Frees-Yvega presented.

      • “Lessons learned” document to be provided by Cheryl as an addendum.
        • Leanne requested that this type of document be done for every event and attached to the minutes for future reference.
      • Craig and Margo Shadburn offered their sound system for future Summer Social events.
      • 50/50 raffle was a big money maker at the event.
      • Corkage fee was also a big money maker.
      • Exceptional thank you to Armine Hacopian for hosting this event in her home, plus for donating the 45th Anniversary cake.
      • Special thanks to Cheryl for organizing this event and creating such a wonderful evening.
      • Recognize Bruce Hinckley for suggesting the 50/50 raffle, and Joe Volpe for suggesting the corkage fee.
      • Armine Hacopian volunteered to join the Social Committee.
      • Leanne Reynolds said she is working on securing a location for next year’s Summer Social.
      • Based on this year’s experience and that of previous years, Cheryl suggested the need for a Picnic Chairman in the future.
    3. National Night Out Committee Report

      National Night Out Committee member Bruce Hinckley presented.

      • Bruce estimated the highest attendance ever – upwards of 285 - 300 people.
      • Children’s activities worked well, with lots of kids attending.
      • Food trucks were well liked, but there were still very long lines which needs to be addressed, as noted by both Armine and Todd.
      • Bruce agreed an evaluation of the set-up for these trucks is needed.
      • Leanne noted we should continue to request having a fire truck for our NNO, as we had in the past.
      • Because several residents were surprised to have to pay for food, it was noted we need to make it clear in our communications that the event is free but not the food.
      • President Leanne Reynolds suggested to have an ad hoc brainstorming meeting to generate new and creative ideas to enhance recurring annual events.
      • Armine noted the value of post-event debriefings.
    4. Area Yard/Garage Sale Planning

      Area Garage/Yard Sale Committee member Stephanie Schus presented.

      • Despite Rossmoyne canceling their neighborhood yard sale, the Board agreed we should definitely hold our sale as planned.
      • Leanne Reynolds said she was trying to ask for police presence on both our major streets, but wasn’t able to get a call back from Officer Shine’s [temporary] replacement.  Bruce Hinckley said he would help her with this.
      • Our neighborhood sale will occur on November 8, 9 AM to 3 PM.
      • To date we have 12 paid participants, plus 3 additions from board who said they will be participating.
      • Chairing this event again is Dan Cabrera, working with a small committee.
      • Stephanie Schus voiced concern our signs might need to be removed for Halloween night on high-trafficked locations, such as lower Royal and Greenbriar.
      • Leanne Reynolds was asked to work with Todd Yvega to send out an email (with a subsequent follow-up) via Constant Contact encouraging residents to sign up for the Yard Sale.
      • An ad will run on Craig’s List Nov 2 through 8, as well as an ad in the Glendale News-Press the week prior to the sale.
      • Nextdoor postings will also be used to promote the yard sale.
      • Stephanie Schus said she would reach out to Adams Hill Neighborhood Association to ask about how they promote their area yard sale because theirs typically have approximately 70 households participating.
    5. Newsletter Report

      Newsletter Editor Lyn Foster presented.

      • The following will be included in the next newsletter, to mail late in December:
        • Recaps of the Summer Social and Area Yard/Garage Sale.  Lyn requested photos of both events.
        • Cheryl Frees-Yvega will provide a brief write-up of the Summer Social, as Lyn noted she usually presents a montage of photographs without much accompanying text.
        • Obituary for Ruth Charles.
        • “Crossed the Bridge” pet obituary for cats lost to coyotes by the Juliet Boghossian & Michael Tatosian family, and the Cheryl Frees-Yvega & Todd Yvega family.
        • Recap of the coyote program, RCPOA’s first single-topic meeting.
        • An insert promoting the Annual Meeting and Membership Dues.
      • Lyn needs submissions for the next newsletter by December 20.
    6. By-laws Revision

      By-laws Committee Chair Barbara Mastro presented.

      • Recognize Todd Yvega, Lyn Foster, Stephanie Schus, John Wolff for feedback to by-laws and/or serving on the committee.
      • Copies of the proposed revisions were given to all Board members.
      • Barbara read the following two proposed revisions to the Board:
        • Article II, Section 2. Associate Members
          • Currently reads:
            Any person, not otherwise eligible for Regular membership, may apply for an Associate membership and become an Associate member upon approval by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.
          • Proposed revision:
            Any person, not otherwise eligible for Regular membership, may apply for an Associate membership and become an Associate member.
        • Article III, Section 1. Place of Meetings
          • Currently reads:
            All meetings of the members shall be held in the City of Glendale, California, at a location designated for that purpose from time to time by the Board of Directors.
          • Proposed revision:
            All meetings of the members shall be held in the City of Glendale, California, at a location designated for that purpose from time to time by the Board of Directors.  If the Board of Directors does not find an acceptable venue in the city of Glendale for the Annual Business Meeting, then it is empowered to consider and select a venue located in a community adjacent to the City of Glendale, California.
      • The proposed revisions were discussed.
      • Motion by Barbara Mastro: “I move that the Board of Directors approve that the revisions to the By-laws dated Ocotber 13, 2014 be presented to the members at the 2015 Annual Business Meeting for a vote.”  Seconded by Lyn Foster.  Motion carried unanimously.
      • Article III, Section 5. Quorum
        • Discussion regarding solutions to the problem that the number of member households present at the Annual Business Meetings often falls short of the 25% required to achieve a quorum according to Article III, Section 5.
          • Consider allowing vote by proxy.
          • Consider changing the By-laws to require a lower percentage of member households to be present.
          • Bruce Hinckley suggested eliminating the reference to X% of member households for a quorum and state that any business that requires a vote can pass with a majority of the member households present at the meeting.
          • John Wolff pointed out that the By-laws need to conform with California laws, thus we need to be sure any change we propose is legal.
            • John Wolff and/or Lyn Foster to investigate.
        • The issue of possible modification to Article III, Section 5 of the By-laws was tabled until the next Board meeting.
    7. Web Site & Constant Contact Report

      Webmaster Todd Yvega presented.

      • Area Yard/Garage Sale announcement by Constant Contact will be prepared and sent next weekend.
    8. Membership Drive for 2015

      Vice President and Membership Committee Chair Wendy Myers presented.

      • Membership will be the focus of the next Board meeting.
      • Wendy suggested changing the name of the Newsletter, citing that many of the neighbors she visited said they threw it out not knowing what it was.
        • Wendy concluded that the name should be more descriptive such as “Royal & Greenbriar Canyons Neighborhood News”.
        • Several variants were suggested by various Board members.
        • Lyn Foster requested Board members to submit their proposals to her so she can prepare 3 - 5 sample mastheads to be presented at the next Board meeting.
        • John Wolff motioned that the Board change the name of the Newsletter with the new name to be chosen at the next Board meeting.  Seconded by Stephanie Schus.  Motion carried unanimously.
      • Stephanie Schus suggested a Constant Contact email blast to nonmembers offering the “Late in the Year” membership deal.
      • Leanne Reynolds to upload announcement in Constant Contact for year-end promotion, following the yard sale.
    9. Interest Groups Report

      Interest Groups Chair Stephanie Schus presented.

      • The original interest groups continue to meet regularly.
      • Book Discussion group has added a few new members.  Now reading their 22nd book.
      • 2 Cooking Groups still very active.  Gourmet Group to meet Oct. 25 with Italian theme.  ICG met last week with Octoberfest theme.
      • More residents are interested in joining a cooking group, but not enough to form a third cooking group yet.  (Both current groups are filled to capacity.)
      • Garden group recently held a bonsai workshop, led by a neighborhood resident.
      • A new Hiking Group was proposed by Rene Moreno, who also volunteered to help organize and lead the group.
        • Lyn Foster said the group could have access to the city’s open space from her property, if they wanted to hike there.
        • John Wolff suggested all hikers be required to sign a waiver to avoid any liability issues.  He will email Stephanie a sample waiver.
      • Bow Wow Club, formed this past July currently has no future meetings scheduled.
    10. Neighborhood Watch Report

      President Leanne Reynolds presented.

      • Greg Andrews has agreed to head the Neighborhood Watch efforts for the RCPOA area and serve as its Chairman.
      • Request to draft protocols.
      • Suggestion to reach out to Manuel Camago (Camargo?) of Rossmoyne’s Neighborhood Watch.
      • Stephanie said she would forward a few names and contact information for Neighborhood Watch chairmen in other neighborhoods.
  5. New Business
    • John Wolff answered questions regarding the duties and operation of the Nominating Committee.
      • He said we can send him names for possible Board members any time.
    • Stephanie suggested keeping track of the location of RCPOA-owned items (easels, stands, banners etc).  Board members are requested to bring list of such items store at their homes to the next Board meeting.
    • Leanne voiced concern about the lights across from the current GCC parking lot, since the new parking lot lights will likely be seen all night in our neighborhood.
    • No updates on traffic calming.  Neighborhood Issues & Projects Committee Co-Chair Leanne Reynolds said she will contact the other committee members about reconvening for an update on traffic calming.
    • The next Regular Board Meeting will be Monday, December 8 at the home of Director Armine Perian.
      • Focus to be on our membership campaign and the Annual Meeting.
    • The Board Appreciation Dinner will be held at Mori’s Teppan Grill on Monday, December 15.  6:30 cocktails, 7:00 for dinner.
  6. Adjournment

    President Reynolds adjourned the meeting at 9:12 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Armine Perian, Secretary  (ed. SS, TY)