MONDAY, MAY 9, 2016


Table of Contents

  1. Call to Order and Roll Call
  2. Approval of Minutes From the Previous Regular Board Meeting
  3. Open Issues
    1. Treasurer’s Report
    2. Honorary Associate Memberships
    3. Picnic Committee Report
    4. Recess
    5. National Night Out Committee Report
    6. Newsletter Report
    7. GCC / Civic Auditorium Update
  4. New Business
    1. Triangular Median Landscaping
    2. Announcements
    3. Neighborhood Watch
    4. Miscellaneous
  5. Adjournment

  1. Call to Order and Roll Call

    ~7:00 PM — President Cheryl Frees-Yvega called to order the regular meeting of the RCPOA Board of Directors at the home of Director Beth Volpe, the President being in the chair and the Secretary being present.

    Directors present (at the call to order)
    Lyn Foster, Cheryl Frees-Yvega, Bruce Hinckley, Richard Lee, Wendy Myers, Tina Parsegian, Beth Volpe, John Wolff, Todd Yvega.
    Directors present (arriving after the call to order)
    Armine Hacopian, Armine Perian, Leanne Reynolds.
    Directors absent
    Barbara Mastro.
  2. Approval of Minutes From the Previous Regular Board Meeting

    ~7:01 PM — Secretary Todd Yvega presented.

    • The draft minutes of the March 14 Regular Board Meeting were initially distributed to the Board on April 17.  A revision with non-substantive corrections was distributed to the Board on April 25.  The Secretary asked the Board for any corrections.  None were offered.  The minutes are approved as distributed.
    • Todd reported that he contacted former secretary Zareh Amirian and took possession of the RCPOA’s historical documents.
  3. Open Issues
    1. Treasurer’s Report

      ~7:03 PM — Treasurer Richard Lee presented.

      • Richard distributed the following documents to the Board, and reviewed them for the directors in attendance.
        • Treasurer’s Report of Financial Results for the period Mar 14 through May 9, 2016 (attached).
        • RCPOA Budget for 2016 (attached).
      • Cash accounts balance: $20,669.39 this year over $20,393.09 this time last year.
      • Membership: 247 this year over 196 this time last year.

      ~7:06 PM — Leanne Reynolds arrived.

      ~7:09 PM — Armine Perian arrived.

      • Cheryl Frees-Yvega informed Richard that Lyn Foster has arranged for the balance of the $1,000 for the land use attorney to be refunded.  Discussion regarding donating the funds is tabled.
    2. Honorary Associate Memberships

      ~7:12 PM — President Cheryl Frees-Yvega presented.

      • Cheryl explained that several residents of adjacent neighborhoods were very active and helpful in the RCPOA’s effort to find a better location for the Armenian American Museum.  She would like RCPOA to express gratitude by offering an honorary associate membership to those households for the remainder of 2016 (which extends to the February 2017 Annual Breakfast and Business Meeting).  Cheryl extended the offer to those households and 8 of them expressed interest.
      • The aforementioned 8 households where included in the mailing list for the May newsletter.
      • Two additional people on the list: GCC Superintendent/President Dr. David Viar, and RCPOA’s Museum Committee Chair Albert Hofmann.

      ~7:15 PM — Cheryl Frees-Yvega motioned that the aforementioned 10 households/people be made honorary associate members.  John Wolff seconded.  Carried unanimously.

      ~7:15 PM — Armine Hacopian arrived

    3. Picnic Committee Report

      ~7:17 PM — Picnic Committee Co-Chair Armine Hacopian presented.

      • Western theme.
      • Champion-level dance instructor Kim Clark will teach country, western, and line dancing steps.
      • No baking contest this year.
      • No raffle this year.
      • Cheryl Frees-Yvega has arranged for a professional photographer.
      • There will be a photo booth with a set design.


      • Todd Yvega will erect the banner at 1308 Greenbriar Road on Sunday 05-15.  On the day of the picnic Todd will pick up signs and banner(s) and set them up at the park.
      • Leanne Reynolds will find a suitable location on Royal Blvd for the other banner and get permission once a location is determined.
      • John Wolff will carry things from cars to the picnic site at 9:30.
      • Richard Lee, Carol Lee, and Wendy Myers will staff the sign-in table as usual.
      • Cheryl Frees-Yvega offered to pay the photographer’s fee ($150) if there are insufficient funds remaining in the budget.
      • Armine Hacopian will donate funds to pay the the dance instructor’s fee ($200).
      • Todd Yvega will send a Constant Contact announcement on Wednesday, May 18, and a reminder on Wednesday, June 1.
      • Beth Volpe will post the event on Nextdoor.com.
    4. Recess

      ~7:51 PM — President Frees-Yvega called a ten minute recess.

      ~8:04 PM — President Frees-Yvega called the meeting back to order.

    5. National Night Out Committee Report

      ~8:04 PM — National Night Out Committee Chair Beth Volpe presented.

      • The National Night Out Committee meeting was held last Monday.
      • The location for the event is not yet secured.
      • Discussion about possible locations, their pros and cons, and logistical challenges.
      • Many donations and donation commitments have been made.
      • Sadly, there will be no National Night Outhouse this year.
    6. Newsletter Report

      ~8:23 PM — Newsletter Committee Chair Lyn Foster presented.

      Ideas for the upcoming issue:

      • Photos of the picnic and possibly National Night Out.
      • Real Estate Update article and chart.
      • Summer Social.
      • Interest Group Update.
      • Glenn Webb may write an article about how solar energy is working out in Glendale.
      • Possible article about (re-)districting suggested by Armine Hacopian.  Armine may write the article or supply Lyn with information.
      • Possible Q&A with the new Mayor, Paula Devine (since she is an RCPOA member).
    7. GCC / Civic Auditorium Update

      ~8:28 PM

      President Frees-Yvega explained that every meeting will have this agenda item, for the purpose of asking Director Armine Hacopian (who serves on the Glendale Community College Board of Trustees) for an update regarding any sharable information about the College’s designs on the Civic Auditorium.

      Armine explained that the college is very interested in the property but is frustrated that the City has suddenly increased the price significantly.

  4. New Business
    1. Triangular Median Landscaping

      ~8:33 PM — Todd Yvega presented.

      • On Tuesday, May 3, Todd contacted Koko Panossian, Park Services Administrator at the City of Glendale Department of Community Services and Parks, regarding the possibility of the City granting the RCPOA temporary stewardship of the landscaping of the median (perhaps on a trial basis).  Mr. Panossian was very receptive and enthusiastic, citing similar arrangements with communities as precedent, and asked for a written proposal that he could present to Director Jess Duran.  Todd complied with an outline proposal (attached) which is stated to be merely conceptual and exploratory as there was no time to confer with the Board.
      • The city was required by State directive to remove the sod.  After removing the sod the city turned off the irrigation system.  Once the new plantings were planted, the city neglected to turn the irrigation system back on and so the plants died.

      Open for discussion:

      • Bruce Hinckley suggested that we contact the various landscape artists in the neighborhood and ask if they’d be interested in volunteering a proposed design.
      • Leanne Reynolds suggested that the newsletter include an announcement that “We’ve talked with the City about improving the triangle. They’re happy to have our input and talents on a continued basis. Who would like to be involved and volunteer their services?”

      Questions to ask the City if this moves forward:

      • Will the City allow a nursery that donated plants to put a sign there?
      • Can we get a map or diagram that lets us know the location of underground pipes or wires?
    2. Announcements

      ~8:48 PM — President Cheryl Frees-Yvega presented.

      • Director Armine Perian was at City Council as Board member of the Commission on the Status of Women accepting the proclamation regarding Sexual Assault Awareness Month.
      • Cheryl passed around a copy of Glendale Adventist Medical Center’s magazine “The Difference”, which features a photograph on the cover of Founders Guild and Cancer Care Guild volunteers with Director Tina Parsegian front and center.
      • Cheryl asked how many Directors serve on other Boards.  Leanne Reynolds suggested occasionally profiling in the newsletter RCPOA Directors who serve on other Boards.
      • Tina Parsegian suggested that we return to the practice of listing the Directors in the newsletter, because many residents personally know one or more of the directors because of their involvements in other organizations, and that familiarity might make them more inclined to attent RCPOA events.
    3. Neighborhood Watch

      ~8:55 PM — Armine Perian asked if there was any news about Neighborhood Watch.

      • Cheryl Frees-Yvega explained that after a twice delegating the establishment of a Neighborhood Watch meeting, no meeting has materialized.  So now she has approached Beth Volpe about putting a focus on Neighborhood Watch during a National Night Out meeting.
      • Armine Perian volunteered to coordinate a Neighborhood Watch meeting.  Cheryl will send her the information (police contacts, potential locations), etc.
    4. Miscellaneous

      ~8:59 PM — Armine Hacopian asked about Dr. Viar’s honorary associate membership (having not been present when it was discussed earlier).

      ~9:01 PM — Tina Parsegian asked if we should have a 50/50 raffle at the picnic.  The consensus was to avoid running afoul of City park regulations and save it for the Summer Social (which is held on private property).

      ~9:06 PM — Richard Lee asked if others where concerned about Measure N.

  5. Adjournment

    ~9:09 PM — The meeting adjourned.

Todd Yvega, Secretary