Table of Contents

  1. Call to Order and Roll Call
  2. Approval of Minutes From the Previous Regular Board Meeting
  3. Open Issues
    1. Interest Groups Budget and Update
    2. Nominating Committee Report
    3. Membership Committee Report
    4. Treasurer’s Report
    5. Recess
    6. Annual Member Business Meeting and Candidate Forum
    7. RCPOA Boundary Overlap with Rossmoyne HOA
    8. Neighborhood Watch, Neighborhood Security Committee
    9. Armenian American Museum Update
    10. Newsletter Report
  4. New Business
    1. Constant Contact / MailChimp
    2. Neighborhood Watch Signs
    3. Disaster Preparedness
    4. Calendar
      1. RCPOA Holiday Reception
      2. March Organizational Board Meeting
    5. Picnic Committee
  5. Adjournment

  1. Call to Order and Roll Call

    ~7:02 PM — President Cheryl Frees-Yvega called to order the regular meeting of the RCPOA Board of Directors at the home of Director Armine Perian, the President being in the chair and the Secretary being present.

    Directors present:
    Lyn Foster, Cheryl Frees-Yvega, Armine Hacopian, Bruce Hinckley, Richard Lee, Wendy Myers, Tina Parsegian, Armine Perian, Leanne Reynolds, John Wolff, Todd Yvega.
    Directors absent:
    Barbara Mastro, Beth Volpe.
  2. Approval of Minutes From the Previous Regular Board Meeting

    ~7:05 PM — Secretary Todd Yvega presented.

    • The draft minutes of the October 10 Regular Board Meeting (with live attachments) were initially distributed to the Board on Sunday, October 16.  (As usual this was done by emailing a PDF along with a URL to the wiki for those who might wish to edit the document.)
    • The President redistributed the draft minutes without revisions on Monday, November 28, along with the agenda for this meeting.
    • As of 10:30 this morning there have been no edits made to the document on the wiki.

    The Secretary asked the Board for any corrections or alterations prior to approval.  None were offered.  The minutes are approved as distributed.

  3. Open Issues
    1. Interest Groups Budget and Update

      ~7:06 PM — Cheryl Frees-Yvega presented.

      Cheryl reviewed the motion that was passed at the July Board meeting:

      “In order for an expenditure incurred by an Interest Group to be drawn against the RCPOA treasury, approval by a vote of the Board must be obtained.”

      Unfortunately as stated this motion was interpreted by the Interest Groups Committee Chair to mean that she did not have discretion to allocate from her budget.  So the statement requires further qualification.

      Floor opened for discussion.

      ~7:21 PM — Motion by Todd Yvega to change the wording of the motion to, “In order for an Interest Group expenditure, beyond the Interest Groups Committee’s prior approved budget, to be drawn against the RCPOA treasury, approval by a vote of the Board must be obtained.”

      Seconded by Lyn Foster.  Carried unanimously.

    2. Nominating Committee Report

      ~7:22 PM — Nominating Committee Chair John Wolff presented.

      John explained the duties of the Nominating Committee:

      1. Nomination of directors to be elected by the membership at the February Annual Member Business Meeting.
      2. Nomination of the 4 officers to be elected by the Board at the March Board Meeting.

      The Nominating Committee is selected by appointing a chair and a second member from the Board.  Three past Presidents fill the remainder of seats.

      ~7:22 PM — Motion by Lyn Foster: “I move that John Wolff chair the 2017 Nominating Committee.”

      Leanne Reynolds seconded.  Floor opened for discussion.

      ~7:28 PM — The motion carried unanimously.

      ~7:29 PM — Motion by Todd Yvega: “I move that Barbara Mastro serve on the Nominating Committee.”

      Richard Lee seconded.  The motion carried unanimously.

      The six directors whose terms will expire at the February Annual Business Meeting are: Cheryl Frees-Yvega, Armine Hacopian, Richard Lee, Wendy Myers, Tina Parsegian, and Beth Volpe. Each of them, except for Beth Volpe who was not present, indicated readiness to serve another term.

      Armine Hacopian explained that she would not be able to attend any Board meetings until May due to the upcoming GCC Trustee elections.  There is only one Board meeting between now and then so this isn’t a problem.

    3. Membership Committee Report

      ~7:33 PM — Vice President and Membership Committee Chair Wendy Myers presented.

      Wendy intends to continue 2016 membership drive efforts in 2017 as they were quite successful.


      • 664 houses.
      • 312 members + 10 honorary members.
      • Of the 312 members, 301 are within RCPOA boundaries.
      • Wendy visited ~250 houses and recruited about 150 members (a 60% hit rate).

      Wendy explained that many of these new members joined on the spot because they had a 20 dollar bill handy, and that it was rare for a household to join after her visit.  Cheryl suggested the use of the Square magstripe reader to let Wendy accept payment by credit card during her visits for those cases when the homeowner doesn’t have cash on hand but has a credit card.

      • Todd Yvega will send Wendy’s “Dues are due” Constant Contact email blast on January 1.
      • Wendy will resume membership drive after the February Member Business Meeting, calling first on former members who haven’t yet renewed.
    4. Treasurer’s Report

      ~7:41 PM — Treasurer Richard Lee presented.

      Richard distributed the following documents to the Board, and reviewed them for the directors in attendance.

      • Treasurer’s Report of Financial Results for the period October 10 through December 12, 2016 (attached).
      • RCPOA 2016 Budget and preliminary 2017 budget (attached).

      Preliminary 2017 Budget

      • Leanne Reynolds suggested consolidating the several specific one-time line items, such as “Flowers for Helena Seltzer”, into one ongoing line item “Gratitude and Recognition”.
      • $200 for Special Events (in place of the Garage Sale).
      • The line item for the Bow Wow club should be consolidated with the Interest Groups item.
      • Homework: The Board will review the preliminary 2017 budget in preparation for the March Board meeting.
    5. Recess

      ~7:59 PM — The Chair called a ten minute recess.

      ~8:12 PM — The Chair called the meeting back to order.

    6. Annual Member Business Meeting and Candidate Forum

      ~8:13 PM — Social Committee Chair Leanne Reynolds presented.

      • The large room at the Oakmont Country Club is confirmed.
      • Three City Council seats are up for election: Najarian and Sinanian incumbents, Friedman leaving.
      • The Oakmont Country Club costs have increased significantly.  The total cost per attendee is about $31.60, not including an honorarium for the moderator.

      8:32 PM — Motion by Bruce Hinckley: “Increase the price of admission to the Annual Member Business Meeting to $35.”

      Leanne Reynolds seconded.  Carried with 1 abstention.

      8:33 PM — Motion by Cheryl Frees-Yvega: “The RCPOA shall comp the candidates but not their family or other guests.”

      Seconded by Lyn Foster.  Floor opened for discussion.

      • Bruce Hinckley opposes the motion because the candidates raise money for their campaigns and the audience is the commodity.  John Wolff agrees.
      • Amine Hacopian says that if we invite them and then ask them to pay, then it’s not an invitation.  Cheryl Frees-Yvega and Lyn Foster agree.
      • Richard Lee pointed out that the RCPOA has traditionally comped candidates and to change now would be inconsistent.
      • Wendy Myers thinks we should continue to comp the candidates because their presence benefits us as it does them.
      • Armine Hacopian added that the RCPOA’s reputation stands out because we do this.

      8:41 PM — Vote: All in favor except for Bruce Hinckley opposed.  Motion Carried.

      • The previous moderator, Fritz Coleman, will not be available to moderate the 2017 candidates forum.  Cheryl Frees-Yvega proposed Joe Volpe as a possible moderator.
      • Armine Hacopian proposed Dr. Viar (GCC Superintendent/President) or the new Glendale Unified Superintendent Winfred Roberson Jr.
      • Wendy Myers expressed enthusiasm for the suggestion of Superintendent Roberson.

      Leanne Reynolds, John Wolff and Cheryl Frees-Yvega will meet at Oakmont in January to work out further details.

    7. RCPOA Boundary Overlap with Rossmoyne HOA

      ~8:49 PM — Todd Yvega presented.

      • Refer to attachments: BoundaryOverlap_20161212.pdf and RossmoyneMap.pdf
      • The RCPOA boundary, as posted on the RCPOA web site since 2005, had been drawn many years earlier before the Rossmoyne Mountain HOA existed.  Said boundary includes a narrow extension into the Rossmoyne neigborhood — the strip including Nibley Park bound by two adjacent streets.
      • Since then, the Rossmoyne Mountain HOA formed and on July 17, 2012 the Rossmoyne Historic District Overlay Zone was established by City Council.  The Rossmoyne HOA and the Rossmoyne Historic District Overlay Zone share the northern boundary shown on RossmoyneMap.pdf.
      • The aforementioned strip significantly overlaps the Rossmoyne Historic District Overlay Zone.

      Floor opened for discussion.

      • Bruce Hinckley opposes changing the boundaries, citing primarily precedent and comparison of the two associations’ services.
      • Leanne Reynolds said that a Historic District Overlay Zone is designated by the city and the homes within it are not at liberty to opt out.
      • Regarding the 8 current member households in the strip, John Wolff pointed out that there are already RCPOA associate members living in the Rossmoyne area, so a boundary change would not prevent anyone there from being a member if they choose.
      • Wendy Myers described her visits to households on that strip and how some people expressed doubt or surprise since they were members of the Rossmoyne Mountain HOA or were told they are within its area.  Wendy would like to continue recruiting associate members that area.
      • Armine Hacopian and Leanne Reynolds think that 8 households does not warrant writing about the boundary correction in the newsletter.

      9:07 PM — Motion by Cheryl Frees-Yvega: “Change the southern boundary as posted on the RCPOA website such that it elides with the northern boundary of the Rossmoyne Historical District.”

      Vote: All in favor except for Bruce Hinckley opposed.  Motion Carried.

    8. Neighborhood Watch, Neighborhood Security Committee

      ~9:08 PM — Cheryl Frees-Yvega presented.

      • Crime in the neighborhood has increased significantly.  Mostly automobile break-ins at night, home burglaries and packages stolen from doorsteps during the day.
      • The RCPOA’s neighborhood watch has been working rather well.  Neighbors have been using Nextdoor.com and other web-based resources to get information and share reports and photographs of suspicious cars and people in near-real time.
      • There has been heightened chatter on Nextdoor.com about security-related proposals such as forming a gated community, hiring a patrol, or installing cameras, etc.
      • Cheryl would like to form a Neighborhood Security Committee and appoint the people who have shown the most interest in these proposals, to utilize their energy and enthusiasm towards determining feasibility (or lack thereof).
      • Cheryl would like to appoint Jean Kagan to the committee because as a Glen Knolls resident she has experienced the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of their association-funded patrol.  She has additional insight because her (now deceased) husband was President of the Glen Knolls HOA, and she works in Police Chief Castro’s office.
      • Other proposed committee appointees: Ross Perian, Artem Sarian, Valerie Nelson, Raffi Saroyan.

      9:18 PM — Motion by Bruce Hinckley: “Establish a Neighborhood Security Committee to be chaired by Armine Perian. The committee shall report their findings to the Board.”

      Bruce Hinckley amended the motion to include $100 seed money to be used at the discretion of the chairperson.

      Lyn Foster seconded the motion.

      Floor opened for discussion.

      • John Wolff suggested that this committee deliver a report to the membership at the Annual Business Meeting.
      • Bruce Hinckley added that the committee should prepare questions to ask the City Council candidates during the candidates forum.

      9:27 PM — Vote: All in favor, none opposed.  Motion Carried.

    9. Armenian American Museum Update

      ~9:27 PM — Cheryl Frees-Yvega presented.

      • Armenian American Museum Project Development Committee Chairman Berdj Karapetian called Cheryl to say that they will unveil their new plans to the city in January, and asked for feedback and support.
      • Bruce Hinckley warned that since the museum is no longer in our area we need to be careful not to be perceived as takings sides against residents or an association near the new museum location who may have objections.
      • Leanne Reynolds pointed out that they had their unveiling but didn’t invite an RCPOA representative to attend, so what more do they want from us?
      • Armine Hacopian suggested that this request should be escalated to the Glendale Homeowners Coordinating Council since they represent nearly all of the HOAs.
    10. Newsletter Report

      ~9:36 PM — Newsletter Committee Chair Lyn Foster presented.

      • The newsletter will advertise the Annual Member Business Meeting.
      • Some of the planned articles (Museum, Boundaries) have been dropped so this Newsletter will be a smaller one.
      • Bruce Hinckley suggested that the big news should be the formation of the Neighborhood Security Committee.
      • Lyn will also write about the various committees that non-Board members can join if interested.
      • “Crossed the Bridge” section for popular local pets who have recently died.
      • An envelope insert for dues payments.
  4. New Business
    1. Constant Contact / MailChimp

      ~9:42 PM — Brought by Todd Yvega

      • The cost of Constant Contact (our email blast service) has increased by 267% as of September, from $10.50/month to $28.00/month.
      • This is partly because the number of email addresses in our mailing list passed the tier threshold of 500, resulting in a doubling of the cost.  That happened to coincide with a substantial increase in the cost of the service (regardless of tier).
      • In August we paid $126 which at that time was advance payment for the 12 months thereafter.  In December (only 4 months later) that payment was already depleted and we were billed $336 for the 12 months thereafter.
      • A few years ago Cheryl Frees-Yvega had done some research and learned about a competing service called MailChimp.  MailChimp is used by the Verdugo Woodlands West HOA and they report satisfaction.
      • For our volume MailChimp will be free.  Quoted from MailChimp’s pricing page: If you have 2,000 or fewer subscribers, you can send up to 12,000 emails per month absolutely free. No expiring trial, contract, or credit card required.
      • Todd reviewed the technological feature-set of MailChimp and it appears to be on par with that of Constant Contact.
      • A disadvantage of MailChimp is that for the free tier it imposes its logo at the bottom of each email.  Its logo is a grinning cartoon chimpanzee (resembling Curious George) wearing a mailroom hat.  This makes the emails look less professional and less classy, but we might consider overlooking that to save $28 each month.
      • Since we have already paid for a year of Constant Contact, Todd will use the year to use the two services in parallel, learn the differences, and gradually create MailChimp equivalents of the Constant Contact templates we have repeatedly used.
      • Leanne Reynolds pointed out that MailChimp is widely used.
      • Todd added that MailChimp is popular especially among nonprofit organizations, whereas Constant Contact is more geared for businesses.
    2. Neighborhood Watch Signs

      ~9:48 PM — Brought by Cheryl Frees-Yvega

      • Existing Neighborhood Watch signs in the neighborhood are intermittent, rusted and can’t be seen at night.
      • The cost of reflective signs would be about $1,300.
      • The Rossmoyne Mountain HOA purchased non-reflective signs but they had a benefactor.
      • Now that the Neighborhood Security Committee has been formed, Cheryl wants to hand the sign issue over to that committee.
      • There are people living in the neighborhood who create signs professionally.  Perhaps we can work out a deal.
      • Bruce Hinckley suggested that we should challenge the committee to come up with creative signs that get the message across without being imperious or off-putting.
    3. Disaster Preparedness

      ~9:50 PM — Brought by Armine Hacopian

      • Because of recent earthquakes around the world Armine suggested that we provide disaster preparedness tips in the newsletter.
      • Wendy Myers explained that the fire department offers training and certification classes for disaster preparedness and that the Adams Hill HOA has participated.
    4. Calendar

      ~9:55 PM — Brought by Cheryl Frees-Yvega

      1. RCPOA Holiday Reception
        • Mori Teppan Grill.  Monday, December 19.  6:30 Drinks; 7:00 Dinner.
        • The Board wishes to welcome some of our colleagues to join us:
          • Past Presidents
          • Non-director committee chairs Stephanie Schus and Greg Andrews.
      2. March Organizational Board Meeting

        ~9:58 PM — Richard Lee volunteered to host the March 13 Board meeting.

    5. Picnic Committee

      ~9:59 PM — Brought by Tina Parsegian

      • Tina asked Armine Hacopian about chairing the Picnic Committee alone.  Tina can’t commit to the Picnic because it occurs in June when the school year has ended and kids are on vacation.
      • Discussion about rescheduling the picnic for May to mitigate this problem.
      • Chosen: Saturday, May 20 — the weekend after Mothers Day.
  5. Adjournment

    ~10:06 PM — The meeting adjourned.

Todd Yvega, Secretary