MONDAY, MARCH 13, 2017


Table of Contents

  1. Call to Order and Roll Call
  2. Approval of Minutes of Prior Meetings
  3. Open Issues
    1. Nominating Committee Report
    2. Recap of Annual Member Business Meeting
    3. Calendar of Events for 2017
    4. Picnic Planning
    5. Recess
    6. Neighborhood Security Committee Report
    7. Newsletter Report
    8. Treasurer’s Report
    9. Membership Committee Report
    10. East/West Community Plan
  4. New Business
    1. Police Museum
    2. Dr. Viar’s Associate Membership
  5. Adjournment

  1. Call to Order and Roll Call

    ~6:59 PM — President Cheryl Frees-Yvega called to order the regular meeting of the RCPOA Board of Directors at the home of Director Richard Lee, the President being in the chair and the Secretary being present.

    Directors present:
    Lyn Foster, Cheryl Frees-Yvega, Bruce Hinckley, Richard Lee, Barbara Mastro, Wendy Myers, Tina Parsegian, Armine Perian, Leanne Reynolds, Beth Volpe, John Wolff, Todd Yvega.
    Directors absent:
    Armine Hacopian.
  2. Approval of Minutes of Prior Meetings

    ~7:00 PM — Secretary Todd Yvega presented.

    Draft minutes of the December 12, 2016 Regular Board Meeting

    • Initially distributed to the Board on Monday, January 16.
    • On Monday, February 27 the President distributed a PDF of revised minutes, along with the agenda for this meeting.
    • As of last Saturday (March 11 ~9:30 PM) there have been no further edits made to the document on the wiki.
    • The Secretary asked the Board for any corrections or alterations prior to approval.  None were offered.  The minutes are approved as distributed.

    Draft minutes of the February 11, 2017 Annual Member Business Meeting

    • Initially distributed to the Board on Monday February 27, along with the agenda for this meeting.
    • As of Saturday (March 11 ~9:30 PM) there have been no edits made to the document on the wiki.
    • The Secretary asked the Board for any corrections or alterations prior to approval.  None were offered.  The minutes are approved as distributed.
  3. Open Issues
    1. Nominating Committee Report

      ~7:02 PM — Nominating Committee Chair John Wolff presented.

      • John distributed Minutes of the Nominating Committee Meeting (attached) which was held last Tuesday, March 7.
      • One of the past Presidents comprising the 5-member committee was unavailable.  The 4 members present voted that a quorum was achieved and to proceed.
      • Each of the 4 officers currently serving were re-nominated.
      • There are currently no open seats on the Board of Directors.

      ~7:05 PM — Motions by John Wolff:

      “Elect Cheryl Frees-Yvega to a one year term as President commencing immediately.”

      Seconded, no discussion, carried unanimously.

      “Elect Wendy Myers to a one year term as Vice President commencing immediately.”

      Seconded, no discussion, carried unanimously.

      “Elect Todd Yvega to a one year term as Secretary commencing immediately.”

      Seconded, no discussion, carried unanimously.

      “Elect Richard Lee to a one year term as Treasurer commencing immediately.”

      Seconded, no discussion, carried unanimously.

    2. Recap of Annual Member Business Meeting

      ~7:07 PM — Social Chair Leanne Reynolds presented.

      • Leanne considers the candidates forum to have been very successful for the following reasons:
        • The format chosen was different this year.  Advance questions to the moderator made things move quicker and let candidates have more time to answer.
        • The moderator, Dr. Viar, was very professional and kept things under control.
        • We had a head table which was convenient and more dignified for the candidates.
      • The disappointment is that attendance has continued to diminish probably due to rising costs.  Ideas to help lower cost and/or raise attendance:
        • Lyn Foster suggested posting signs like we do for National Night Out.
        • Leanne suggested mailing postcards.
        • Cheryl Frees-Yvega explained that Leanne had attended the Rossmoyne Mountain HOA’s annual meeting at Oakmont the next day.  Their price of admission was $20 which included light appetizers, coffee and tea rather than a meal.  Perhaps we should consider cutting costs by holding the meeting later in the day and not having a full meal.
        • Leanne pointed out that the Verdugo Woodlands West HOA holds their less formal Annual Meeting at their annual picnic.  Combining events is another way we might reduce costs.
      • Several Board members expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of the breakfast, especially considering the steep cost.
      • Beth Volpe pointed out that one problem with the head table being at the same level as the audience is that from the back half of the room she could not see the candidates.
      • Todd Yvega suggested that to mitigate that problem each candidate should stand while he/she answers.
      • Leanne intends to look into a change of venue for next year’s meeting as Oakmont’s price has gotten too high (over twice the cost as 9 years ago).  She will still book to hold Oakmont to be safe.
      • Leanne suggests that if we hold the Annual Meeting at Oakmont in future years, we should advertise that valet parking is free to attendees since RCPOA is obligated to pay $400 for valet service whether it is used or not.
      • Discussion followed about possible speakers and venues for next year’s meeting.
    3. Calendar of Events for 2017

      ~7:21 PM — President Cheryl Frees-Yvega presented.

      • Volunteers to host Board meetings:
        • May 8 — John Wolff (Tentative)
        • July 10 — Lyn Foster
        • October 9 — Leanne Reynolds
        • December 11 — Beth Volpe
      • The date for the Summer Social is not yet known since we don’t have a host yet.
      • The date for the Annual Member Business Meeting, February 10, is tentative and can be changed to Feb 3 if desired, since there will not be a candidates forum in 2018.
    4. Picnic Planning

      ~7:28 PM — Picnic Committee Co-Chair Tina Parsegian presented.

      • The picnic this year will be held on May 20, a month earlier than usual for reasons discussed during the December Board meeting.
      • The prevailing idea for the theme is to emulate a traditional family picnic with the type of food that would typically be packed in a picnic basket (e.g., sandwiches, potato salad, etc.) rather than hot food.
      • Lunch boxes are clean but not particularly exciting.  It may be better to have trays and order sandwiches, salads and sweets separately, but that will likely cost more.
      • Discussion about the alternative of hotdogs and hamburgers, and the pros and cons of cooking on site versus a caterer cooking off site and delivering.
      • Lyn Foster suggested s’mores for dessert if we have a fire.
      • Cheryl Frees-Yvega pointed out that the banners state the month June, so they’ll have to be changed.  Also they are over a decade old and are showing their age, so it may be time to have new ones made.
      • Tina said that another alternative idea was a Mexican fiesta theme with a piñata.
      • Leanne Reynolds suggested advertising that we will have a photographer who can take family photos (possibly for a fee).
      • John Wolff suggested hiring Glendale Community College Culinary Arts students to do the cooking.

      Action items:

      • Beth Volpe will call around for recommendations of caterers and to investigate prices and methods, for the options of hamburgers and hotdogs, or fiesta tacos.
      • Tina Parsegian will talk to Armine Hacopian about the possibility of hiring GCC Culinary Arts students.

      Motion by Bruce Hinckley: “Authorize Tina Parsegian to make all decisions pertaining to the picnic without the need to seek approval of the Board.”

      Seconded by Leanne Reynolds.

      Floor open for discussion:

      • Barbara Mastro asked Tina “Do you have a committee?”  Tina answered, “No.”  Barbara suggested that she form a Picnic Committee and requested to be a member.
      • Leanne Reynolds also asked to be a member of the Picnic Committee.
      • Picnic Committee formed:
        • Tina Parsegian — Chair
        • Barbara Mastro
        • Leanne Reynolds
        • Beth Volpe

      Question called, motion carried unanimously.

    5. Recess

      ~7:48 PM — The Chair called a brief recess.

      ~7:52 PM — The Chair called the meeting back to order.

    6. Neighborhood Security Committee Report

      ~7:52 PM — Neighborhood Security Committee Chair Armine Perian presented.

      • While introducing this agenda item, Cheryl Frees-Yvega told the Board she is impressed with Armine’s leadership and with how much this committee has achieved in the short time since its inception.
      • Armine passed around copies of a rough draft of a questionnaire the committee proposes to survey the neighborhood about security-related matters.
      • The committee has met twice.  Ideas were collected during the first meeting and prioritized during the second.  The top 5 were assigned to subsets of the committee so that they can be worked on concurrently.  Ideas not in the top 5 are tabled and may be addressed later.

      Current initiatives:

      • Closed Circuit TV — Raffi Saroyan
        • Raffi has contacted the GPD to learn about relevant legalities and nuances, and will report on it at the committee meeting tomorrow.
      • Branding and Marketing (signage and messaging) — Valerie Nelson and Alex Pakarian
      • Education (vigilance) — Stephanie Schus
        • Stephanie has developed a list of ideas that will be reviewed at tomorrow’s committee meeting.
        • The committee is considering distributing hardcopies of education materials to homes for which we have no email address.
        • The GPD offers a Vacation Check service.  Residents who will be out of town for a while can notify GPD who will periodically drive by and inspect their house during that time.  Although this service is described on this Neighborhood Security page of the RCPOA website, perhaps we should advertise it more front and center.
        • Anie Mkhitarian and JD Kagan volunteered to distribute packages similar to our welcome package but with security-related information.
      • Street lighting — John Ovsepian
        • John has contacted city officials to enquire about relevant legalities and resources, and will report his findings at the committee meeting tomorrow.
      • Armine will report the aforementioned committee findings to the Board at the May Board meeting.


      • The aforementioned questionnaire consolidates questions raised by the committee members pertaining to the current initiatives.
      • Armine asked the board to review the questionnaire and decide, “Does the Board approve the survey? Does the Board consider conducting the survey to be worthwhile?”

      Floor open for discussion:

      • Possible use of SurveyMonkey (online survey tool) which integrates with MailChimp.
      • Cheryl Frees-Yvega suggested that many of the questions as currently stated leave too much context unknown to be easily answerable.  For example, “Will you consider purchasing/installing a Nest Outdoor camera and pointing it towards the street and your entry (in Public mode)?”  She wouldn’t be able to answer without first determining, “how much will it cost?”, “does it require professional installation or is it easy for me to install?”, “what is Public mode?”.  Similarly for the CCTV questions, “what is CCTV?”
      • Bruce Hinckley added that for someone to answer, “How much would you contribute towards the purchase and installation of CCTV”, they would want to know where the cameras are to be installed (e.g., how close to my house?)
      • John Wolff added that it’s important to make it clear that these cameras would be focused on public streets and not pointed at anyone’s house.
      • John said it’s also important that the camera’s image resolution be high enough that license plate numbers will be legible and photographs of faces can be used as evidence.
      • Regarding question #6, “…private patrol with one car driving around the neighborhood from 6pm to 5am…”, Wendy Myers pointed out that most of the break-ins occur during the day, not at night.  Glen Knolls has such a service and it’s a bit of a neighborhood joke.  The patrol car sits at the top of the hill most of the night and Glen Knolls gets hit by burglaries during the day.
      • Armine added that unlike Glen Knolls, RCPOA cannot compel every household to pay for this service.
      • John Wolff suggested starting with the economically viable ideas rather than starting off with the patrol, because we already know that $90,000 per year is an obligation RCPOA can’t support, with a treasury less than a quarter of that amount.
      • Wendy Myers expects, based on her membership recruiting experience, that an online survey won’t get many respondents.  She thinks conducting the survey in person will be necessary.
      • John Wolff suggested that the survey should include statistics of the crimes we’ve had, to help potential respondents understand that this affects them and is important.
      • Barbara Mastro suggests conducting the survey by having a table at the National Night Out event.
      • Armine thinks the date of National Night Out (August 1st) is too long to wait for.  Her committee is ready to act imminently.
      • The newsletter submission deadline is April 4.  Armine believes that publishing the survey in the newsletter will provide results soon enough, and will give her committee time to rewrite the questionnaire.
      • Wendy Myers and Todd Yvega volunteered to tally the results.
      • Lyn Foster suggested that the survey be streamlined.  Also she suggested dropping the questions about the armed patrol entirely as it’s already too expensive and not likely to be effective.
      • Leanne Reynolds concurred, pointing out that currently several questions are about the same thing (CCTV).  Leanne recommends that there be an introductory paragraph or two to set the tone as suggested by Cheryl and John… “We have one of the safest cities of this size in the country but crime has skyrocketed.” …followed by three simplified questions, each about one proposed solution.  Leanne reinforced the suggestion by John and Lyn to drop the questions about the armed patrol.  Leanne has offered to help Armine rewrite the questionnaire.
      • Bruce Hinckley: It is crucial to seek city participation and coordination early on, to learn if there are any monies available and to be sure that we do this in such a way that the GPD can utilize videos and stills taken by our cameras.
      • Lyn Foster suggested not specifying a particular brand of camera (Nest).  Also the questionnaire should ask, “Would you be willing to let the police know you have a camera and provide them access to the video you record?”
      • John Wolff pointed out that some neighborhoods have worked out an area discount with a security camera vendor, to encourage widespread and consistent use.  Statistics have shown that crime decreases significantly when an entire neighborhood coordinates camera usage like this.  So we might consider pursuing this sort of arrangement.
      • Wendy Myers suggested that if we don’t get a good response to the survey, we could hold another local meeting with the police (similar to the one held at Angela Kohan’s house last June) which attracted ~100 attendees, and conduct the survey at that meeting.
      • Armine Perian explained that the committee intends to hold semiannual neighborhood meetings like the one described by Wendy.

      Although the question was not explicitly tabled, the question was not called so no vote was conducted.

    7. Newsletter Report

      ~8:31 PM — Newsletter Committee Chair Lyn Foster presented.

      • Due to the picnic being held a month earlier than usual, the newsletter will also be issued a month early.
      • Since April 4th is so soon, if anyone has any material for the Newsletter please get it to Lyn soon.
      • Planned items for the next newsletter:
        • Picnic flyer.
        • Article about the Neighborhood Security Committee and the survey.
        • Interest Groups Report.
        • Real Estate Update.
        • National Night Out flyer.
        • Membership reminder.
        • The photo taken at the candidates forum of the Board with the candidates.
      • Suggestions:
        • John Wolff: Because of the recent uncharacteristically rainy period there has been accelerated plant growth which will soon be drying out.  Remind people to remove dead growth in preparation for the summer’s fire season.
        • Wendy Myers offered a similar idea regarding standing water and mosquitos.
      • Tina Parsegian asked if there is a place a stack of newsletters can be left for people to pick up if desired.  Perhaps each Board member can have a few extras so when talking to a neighbor who doesn’t have a copy we can offer one.
      • Wendy Myers explained that she carries extra copies to give to prospective members during recruiting visits.
      • Leanne Reynolds suggested sending a Constant Contact (or MailChimp) email blast providing a link to the online version of the newsletter.
      • Because of people’s sensitivity to perceived spam, Cheryl Frees-Yvega suggested, rather than creating a new email blast solely about the newsletter, we should include the link to the newsletter in the next email blast advertising the event that was advertised in the newsletter.
    8. Treasurer’s Report

      ~8:38 PM — Treasurer Richard Lee presented.

      Richard distributed the following documents to the Board, and reviewed them for the directors in attendance.

      • Treasurer’s Report of Financial Results for the period January 1 through March 13, 2017 (attached)
      • Comparative Financial Results of the Annual Member Business Meetings 2004 through 2017 (attached)
      • RCPOA Budget for 2017 (attached)

      ~8:49 PM — Motion by Bruce Hinckley: “Approve the Treasurer’s Financial Reports.”

      Seconded, no discussion, carried unanimously.

    9. Membership Committee Report

      ~8:50 PM — Vice President and Membership Committee Chair Wendy Myers presented.

      • 160 members currently, 5 of which Wendy recruited last weekend, 4 of which handed her a $20.00 bill (which is why Wendy lobbies not to increase dues).
      • Prior to the picnic Wendy hopes to visit every 2016 member who hasn’t yet renewed.
      • Wendy pointed out that each event draws a surge of dues payments, so one disadvantage of the idea of merging the Picnic with the Annual Business meeting (as the Verdugo Woodlands West HOA does) is that we would lose one of those opportunities.
      • Wendy’s goal is to reach 50% membership this year, which would be ~320 of the ~640 households.  That’s only about 20 more than were acquired last year.
    10. East/West Community Plan

      ~8:54 PM — Director Leanne Reynolds presented.

      Cheryl Frees-Yvega provided some background before relinquishing the floor to Leanne:

      The Rossmoyne Mountain HOA held their Annual Meeting the day after RCPOA’s at the Oakmont Country Club.  Three weeks earlier (on January 21) the Rossmoyne Mountain HOA President, Lorna Vartanian, asked Cheryl (by email) to advertise to the RCPOA membership an invitation to attend their meeting to hear a presentation by City of Glendale Principal Planner Laura Stotler about the City’s East/West Plan.  Leanne was kind enough to attend and now gives her report.

      Leanne explained what she learned from the presentation:

      Most cities have a general plan.  State governments typically required cities to submit their general plan at certain intervals (such as once per decade).  In recent times, due to budget cuts, cities have not been able to afford the outside counsel required to perform the analytical work.  So Glendale has authorized smaller, less expensive, more easily manageable community plans.  The first was the North Community Plan which was completed in January 2012, and the second is the South Community Plan which is in progress.  At this time the city has not even begun an East plan, a West plan or an East/West plan.  Consequently the presenter could only speak about the current South Glendale Community Plan which was not of much interest to the Rossmoyne audience.

  4. New Business
    1. Police Museum

      ~9:03 PM — Brought by Bruce Hinckley

      Bruce is co-chairing a Glendale Police Foundation committee that is planning and soliciting funding for the new Glendale Police Museum, and he is in charge of the donor wall.  The new museum will be on display in the lobby of the police station.  Contributors who donate $1,000 or more will be named on the donor wall on commemorative badges sized according to donation tier.  Donations under $1,000 will be listed in the Founders’ Sponsorship book.

    2. Dr. Viar’s Associate Membership

      ~9:07 PM — Brought by Cheryl Frees-Yvega

      Dr. Viar was kind enough to moderate our candidates forum and did a splendid job.  As he did so without an honorarium, RCPOA has purchased a $100 gift certificate which Cheryl will mail to him with a thank you letter.  Cheryl would like to include the following offer in the letter:

      Motion by Cheryl Frees-Yvega: “Extend Dr. Viar’s Associate Membership for as long as he serves as GCC Superintendent/President.”

      Seconded, no discussion, carried unanimously.

  5. Adjournment

    ~9:10 PM — Meeting adjourned.

Todd Yvega, Secretary