Table of Contents

  1. Call to Order and Roll Call
  2. Approval of Minutes From the Previous Regular Board Meeting
  3. Open Issues
    1. Membership Committee Report
    2. National Night Out Recap
    3. Neighborhood Security Committee Report
    4. Summer Social Recap
    5. Recess
    6. Annual Business Meeting Planning
    7. Glendale Civic Auditorium Historical Nomination
    8. RCPOA 50th Anniversary
    9. Dangerous Intersection: Misty Isle Drive and Heather Ridge Drive
    10. Treasurer’s Report
  4. New Business
    1. Board Appreciation Dinner
  5. Adjournment

  1. Call to Order and Roll Call

    ~19:03 — President Cheryl Frees-Yvega called to order the regular meeting of the RCPOA Board of Directors at the home of Director Leanne Reynolds, the President being in the chair and the Secretary being present.

    Directors present
    Cheryl Frees-Yvega, Bruce Hinckley, Richard Lee, Barbara Mastro, Wendy Myers, Tina Parsegian, Armine Perian, Leanne Reynolds, Beth Volpe, John Wolff, Todd Yvega.
    Directors absent
    Lyn Foster, Armine Hacopian.
  2. Approval of Minutes From the Previous Regular Board Meeting

    ~19:03 — Secretary Todd Yvega presented.

    Draft minutes of the July 10 Regular Board Meeting

    • Initially distributed to the Board on Sunday, July 30 by email (Wiki URL and PDF attachment).
    • The President redistributed the draft minutes (without revisions) on Monday, September 25, along with the agenda for this meeting.
    • As of Yesterday afternoon there had been no further edits made to the document on the wiki.

    The Secretary asked the Board for any corrections or alterations prior to approval.  None were offered.  The minutes are approved as distributed.

  3. Open Issues
    1. Membership Committee Report

      ~19:05 — Vice President and Membership Committee Chair Wendy Myers presented.

      • 312 members.
      • Richard Lee pointed out that when not including honorary associate members the curent member count is almost the same as this time last year.
    2. National Night Out Recap

      ~19:08 — National Night Out Committee Chair Beth Volpe presented.

      • Beth wasn’t at the event but had received reports from others.
      • The turnout wasn’t as good as usual which may have been due to the weather (overcast with chance of rain).
      • Slow food truck (the usual complaint).  Beth says that’s just the way food trucks are.
      • Wendy Myers reported that some residents became members at the event.
      • The post-event National Night Out committee meeting has not yet been scheduled.
      • Armine Perian suggested hosting a pot luck instead of having a food truck.
        • Beth explained that the difficulty is that people come and go throughout the evening and, especially during that hot time of year, it can be dangerous to have food out for that long.  A pot luck would work for an event where dinner is served at a designated time and for a limited time.  Also as this is not an RSVP'ed event, we wouldn’t know how many to plan for.
    3. Neighborhood Security Committee Report

      ~19:15 — Neighborhood Security Committee Chair Armine Perian presented.

      • Raffi Saroyan initiated the idea of quick relay (push notification) to adjacent neighbors when an alarm trips.
        • It takes 5 to 10 minutes after an alarm trip before the police can show up.
        • If neighbors agree to be notified by alarm companies, they can observe and report during those critical interim minutes before the police arrive.
        • The committee would like to share with neighbors via Nextdoor.com and MailChimp that many alarm monitoring services have this push notification option available.  They will draft a message at their meeting tomorrow and submit it to the board for approval before posting on Nextdoor.
        • John Wolff suggested that we encourage residents to enter into mutual push notification agreements with their neighbors.
      • Regarding Jon Ovsepian working with the city to to install lighting on dark streets:  It’s almost a dead issue as we would have to pay for easement ($2.1 Million).
      • Welcome packet:  A booklet is too rigid.  A folder will be more flexible as information changes frequently.
        • Armine asked Leanne Reynolds if, as a realtor, she thought it would be appropriate for the committee to ask realtors to give the welcome packet to those who purchase a house in the neighborhood.  Leanne agreed.
        • Cheryl Frees-Yvega added that the packet should lead with the message that this is still one of the safest neighborhoods, and to keep it that way enclosed are tips to help you make your home a harder target, etc.
        • Tina Parsegian asked if the packet should list local services, list City Councilmember contact info, etc.  There is a page on the RCPOA website that has that information.  Leanne suggested that the packet should refer to the RCPOA website as the repository of said information.
      • Armine says there has not been any traffic on the new nsc@rcpoa.net email address.
        • Cheryl Frees-Yvega says the email address is so new and has not yet been sufficiently advertised.
        • Wendy added that after having visited a couple hundred neighbors, most people read nothing.  Those who are inclined to pay attention and get involved, do; and those who aren’t, dont.
    4. Summer Social Recap

      ~19:43 — Social Committee Chair Leanne Reynolds presented.

      • Great theme, great venue, great committee, great caterer, great host.
      • Some thought the Music was too loud.
      • The $35 price was just right resulting in $390 profit.  If the price had been $30 we would have operated at a loss.
      • Themes are the way to go.
      • Leanne says we need a beverage person on the committee with man-like muscles.
      • The committee paid $40 to Jackson Bohman to be the gofer.
      • The Summer Social will return to Gary Gilbert’s home next year.
      • Barbara Mastro praised the ladies in the catering crew.  They worked like a well oiled machine, they were polite all the time and didn’t get excited over requests.
      • Churros with vanilla.  Who cares how many calories?
      • The margarita machine was a hit.
      • Personal calls and emails helped get the attendance up.
      • Barbara Mastro thanked Richard because he and his wife Carol sat at the reception table the entire evening manning the drink tickets.
    5. Recess

      ~19:53 — The Chair called a brief recess.

      ~20:05 — The Chair called the meeting back to order.

    6. Annual Business Meeting Planning

      ~20:05 — Social Committee Chair Leanne Reynolds presented.

      • The event will occur Feb 10th (The second Saturday of the month).
      • We did not have a good show of the neighborhood at the last Annual Meeting.  2018 is a non-election year, so no candidate forum.  Therefore we need something to draw attendance.
        • Several Directors suggested the Chevy Chase Country Club.  Since the club has very recently reopened after years of rebuilding, presumably many residents are curious to see the new clubhouse and facilities.  If we hold the Annual meeting there the venue itself could be the attraction to draw attendance.
      • Suggestions for a speaker and subject
        • Police Chief talking about home security.
        • Leanne Reynolds suggested having vendors talk to us about earthquake insurance, security, et al, not unlike a trade show.
        • Wendy Myers suggested the broader topic of disaster preparedness: fires, earthquakes, etc.
        • Leanne suggested the theme: “Disaster Preparedness for Dummies”
        • Wendy Myers: The Adams Hill Neighborhood Association has many members who attended emergency training provided by the City.  Wendy suggested contacting the City or the Adams Hill Neighborhood Association to determine if someone who has provided such training would be a good choice to present at our event.
    7. Glendale Civic Auditorium Historical Nomination

      ~20:20 — Cheryl Frees-Yvega presented.

      • Cheryl spoke to Greg Grammer about this.  He has submitted the paperwork to the State.  He will let us know when the hearing will be.
      • City Council had 90 days to comment before the nomination escalated to the State.  Greg addressed City Council and the Glendale Community College Board of Trustees during the comment period.
    8. RCPOA 50th Anniversary

      ~20:22 — Cheryl Frees-Yvega presented.

      • The 50th Anniversary of the incorporation of RCPOA is 2 years away (September, 2019).
      • Cheryl would like to see a 50th Anniversary logo and branding for website and the newsletter.
      • We should celebrate the 50th anniversary not just at the Summer Social but also at the Annual meeting (with candidates forum) and at the National Night Out event.
      • Bruce Hinckley suggested updating the history on the web site (which stops at that year 2005).
      • Barbara Mastro suggested the Glen Arden Club (the old Glendale Moose Lodge #641) as an alternate venue in case the Old Phillips Ranch is unavailable for the Summer Social during the 50th Anniversary year.
    9. Dangerous Intersection: Misty Isle Drive and Heather Ridge Drive

      ~20:36 — Cheryl Frees-Yvega presented.

      Cheryl had been contacted by a resident named Mher Tavidian whose house is on Heather Ridge Drive.  Last year he contacted City Councilman Sinanyan about the problematic intersection.  Mr. Sinanyan took the issue to the City’s Public Works Engineering Section.  The Traffic Engineers looked at the area and installed a stop sign on Heather Ridge Road.  That didn’t solve the problem because traffic on Heather Ridge Road already had to come to a near stop there anyway as it ends at that intersection and people need to either turn left or right.  The problem is the traffic going up and down Misty Isle Drive can’t be easily seen from from Heather Ridge Drive.  So the next step is to come up with a better solution and kick it back to the Public Works Engineering Section and maybe approach Councilmember Paula Devine as she lives near Heather Ridge Drive.  Prior to this meeting Cheryl asked the Directors to drive to that intersection, experience its visibility problems, and think about solutions.  Cheryl solicited suggestions from the Board.

      • Armine Perian said she had a close call at that intersection recently because of the limited visibility.  Armine recommends a stop sign on Misty Isle Drive in both directions.
      • John Wolff had two suggestions:
        1. A “Blind Intersection Ahead” sign on Misty Isle Drive near the approach to the intersection.
        2. A convex mirror should be installed on the lightpost on Misty Isle on the opposite side of the intersection from Heather Ridge.  This would let a driver on Heather Ridge see if any vehicles are approaching from up or down Misty Isle.  The neighbor on the southwest corner has two large pick up trucks parked there contributing to the blind spot.
      • Barbara Mastro pointed out that on the southwest corner there is a giant oleander bush encroaching over the sidewalk on Misty Isle that blocks the view from Heather ridge.  If it were properly trimmed visibility would be improved.
      • Leanne Reynolds said it’s important to survey the opinions of the residents who live in the immediate area and who drive through that intersection every day.
        • Cheryl explained that she had suggested to Mher: Before we present a proposed solution to Paula Devine or the Public Works Engineering Section, we should survey the neighbors in one of two ways:
          1. A Nextdoor.com poll presenting the proposed solutions.
          2. A petition walked around the area.  This will require a volunteer or two as Mher can’t do it himself.
      • Leanne thinks polling or petitioning is unwarranted.  She suggests not asking for stop signs, because the mirror, warning signs, and cutting back the oleander from the sidewalk should be sufficient to cure the blindspot.
        • Wendy Myers concurs.  She is familiar with hillside streets where mirrors are common and there’s no way to safely drive those streets without them.

      Action item: Cheryl will contact Paula Devine explaining that the stop sign on Heather Ridge drive didn’t solve the problem and outlining the RCPOA’s proposed solution: mirror, “Blind Intersection Ahead” signs, cutting back the oleander, and red curb the first car length along Misty Isle Drive on the southwest corner.

    10. Treasurer’s Report

      ~20:47 — Treasurer Richard Lee presented.

      Richard distributed the following documents to the Board, and reviewed them for the directors in attendance.

      • Treasurer’s Report of Financial Results for the period July 10 through October 9, 2017 (attached).
      • Financial Results for the 2017 National Night Out event (attached).
      • Financial Results for the 2017 Summer Social (attached).
      • RCPOA Budget for 2017 (attached).
      • Bruce Hinckley suggested increasing the cost of drink tickets such that the bar doesn’t operate at a loss.

      ~21:06 — Floor open for discussion

      • Bruce Hinckley suggested that the next newsletter announce that this will be the last newsletter mailed to homes in paper form, and subsequent newsletters will be published electronically.
      • Discussion about pros and cons:
        • Pros:
          • It is much cheaper to distribute digitally than to mail paper.
        • Cons:
          • We only have email addresses for a little over half of our members, and very few for non-members.  So many residents wouldn’t receive the newsletter.
          • Many directors said they wouldn’t read the newsletter on a computer screen.
      • The Chair suggested tabling this topic for the next meeting with Lyn Foster in attendance, since she is the Newsletter Editor.
  4. New Business
    1. Board Appreciation Dinner

      ~21:13 —

      • Monday, December 18th.  Possibly Tuesday the 19th since country clubs are closed on Mondays.
      • Suggestions for venue?
        • One problem with Mori Teppan Grill is that the group is always broken into two tables separated by enough distance to prevent any interaction.
        • Leanne Reynolds will investigate the Chevy Chase Country Club as a possibility.
      • The Neighborhood Security Committee will be invited along with Stephanie Schus, yielding up to 36 people.
      • Leanne Reynolds will check out the Chevy Chase Country Club as a possibile venue and report back to Cheryl.
  5. Adjournment

    ~21:18 — Meeting adjourned.

Todd Yvega, Secretary