MONDAY, JULY 9, 2018


Table of Contents

  1. Call to Order and Roll Call
  2. Approval of Minutes From the Previous Regular Board Meeting
  3. Open Issues
    1. Picnic Recap
    2. National Night Out Committee Report
    3. Summer Social Planning
    4. Recess
    5. Neighborhood Security Committee Report
    6. Newsletter Report
    7. 50th Anniversary Logo
    8. Treasurer’s Report
  4. New Business
    1. Lost name tags and sleeves
  5. Adjournment

  1. Call to Order and Roll Call

    ~19:01 — President Cheryl Frees-Yvega called to order the regular meeting of the RCPOA Board of Directors at the home of Director Armine Hacopian, the President being in the chair and the Secretary being present.

    Directors present:
    Richard Blasco, Cheryl Frees-Yvega, Armine Hacopian, Richard Lee, Wendy Myers, Tina Parsegian, Armine Perian, Leanne Reynolds, Beth Volpe, John Wolff, Todd Yvega.
    Directors absent:
    Byron Hibdon, Brad Nelson.
  2. Approval of Minutes From the Previous Regular Board Meeting

    ~19:02 — Secretary Todd Yvega presented.

    Draft minutes of the May 14, 2018 Regular Board Meeting

    • On Monday, June 25 the President distributed to the Board a PDF along with the agenda for this meeting.
    • As of this morning there had been no further edits made to the document on the wiki.
    • The Secretary asked the Board for any corrections or alterations prior to approval.  None were offered.

    ~19:03 — Motion by Richard Blasco: “I move that Board approve the minutes of the May 14 Board Meeting as distributed.”

    Seconded by Armine Hacopian.  No discussion.  Motion carried unanimously.

  3. Open Issues
    1. Picnic Recap

      ~19:04 — Picnic Committee Chair Tina Parsegian presented.

      • If there was one thing Tina would wish to have been different, it would be to have better attendance.
      • Wendy Myers commented that during member recruitment visits the picnic is a big draw — people sign up because they love the idea of the picnic, but then she doesn’t see them at the picnic.
      • Beth Volpe: Lack of enthusiasm from neighbors.
      • Leanne Reynolds and Cheryl Frees both think the picnic may have run its course.
      • Leanne pointed out that the picnic was originally conceived in 2005 so that there would be an event that families with children could attend together.  But now we have National Night Out which also serves that purpose.
      • Leanne added that the picnic is also far from the neighborhood.  For Rossmoyne Mountain HOA residents to walk to Nibley Park is easy, but no-one walks to Verdugo Park.
      • Cheryl Frees suggested the idea of merging the picnic with our National Night Out event.
        • Picnic tables set up instead of food trucks.  (We could still have a dessert truck.)  Bring in Popeye’s chicken and pizza.
        • Just like the picnic, Free food for members — $5 per person for nonmembers, or join on the spot for $20 (incentive to drive membership).
        • Less work for the Social Committee.
      • Beth Volpe: One problem with the idea is that National Night Out is a drop-in event.  Attendees come and go in a staggered fashion because they leave work at different times.  We can’t leave food out for 2 hours — especially in the hot months of summer.  It could work if we state that food is served only during a specific time period.
      • Since there is a year before the next National Night Out, Cheryl suggested that we table the discussion and the Social Committee will have plenty of time to think about it and come up with something in that vein next year.
      • In closing Tina wants to be sure that if we take away the picnic (something members are familiar with) we replace it with something that is better and it should be advertised as an improvement.
      • Armine Perian suggested an organized Halloween night focused into a manageably small non-hilly area, such as lower Royal Boulevard.
    2. National Night Out Committee Report

      ~19:27 — National Night Out Committee Chair Beth Volpe presented.

      • August 7th, 6:00 to 8:00 nominal.  Same location as last year.
      • 3 Food vendors, all of which agreed to no minimum.
      1. Sugo Italiano (with pared down menu to reduce wait time)
      2. Serendoggity (hot dog stand)
      3. Nitropod (flash frozen ice cream and sorbet)
      • Mrs. Books (as featured in the newsletter) with face painter will set up a children’s area.
      • Mrs. Books will have a singer who sings children’s songs, so there will be amplified music.
      • Beth will place the hotdog stand towards the kid area
      • This year we won’t be doing the coloring contest with Baskin Robbins prizes.


      • Cheryl Frees: Sign should be placed at stop signs so people will have time to read them up close.  If a sign is on a distant lawn as cars drive by at full speed, there’s not enough time to read it.
      • Leanne Reynolds suggested that the banner should be hung above the center of the street suspended from both sides (on both Royal Boulevard and Greenbriar Road).
      • That raises a few issues:
        • We’ll need to find consenting neighbors who live directly across the street from each other.
        • Will it be legal?  Does it require a permit?
        • John Wolff said there will presumably be a height requirement to provide clearance to firetrucks, etc.
        • Beth Volpe pointed out that to stretch across the street it should be a two-sided banner.
      • Minuteman Press told Leanne that it’s more expensive to change dates and info on the old vinyl banner than to have a modern digital banner ($65 for a new digital banner, $55 to change lettering on the vinyl banner).
      • Beth has delegated the budgeting to Byron Hibdon this year, and expects that we’ll show a profit.
      • Discussion about the recurring problem with food trucks — they come unprepared despite being told what to expect and the lines move very slow.  Whereas a caterer handles volume efficiently and is equipped to keep the food at a safe temperature.
      • Armine Perian suggested attracting impulse attendance by taking a photo upon being served and posting it on Nextdoor.com commenting on the different trucks and the faster moving lines since there are three this year.

      Action items:

      • Beth Volpe: Send video the URL to the Nitropod video (and Serendoggity, if available) to Todd Yvega to include them in the MailChimp blast.
      • All: At the beginning of NNO take photos of event, fire trucks and food trucks and upload to Nextdoor (do you have the app on your phone?) so we may get more attendance.
    3. Summer Social Planning

      ~19:45 — Social Committee Member Beth Volpe and Social Chair Leanne Reynolds presented.

      • The event will be held on August 25 at the home of Jay Butler.  He has a beautiful back yard and entertains there often.
      • Jay has his own caterer who is experienced putting on parties in his yard.
      • The caterer handles everything — tables, chairs, bar.
      • Jay wants everything a step up — very good quality, “light” themed food.
      • Enchanted Forest theme (decor theme — not a dress theme).
      • Signature cocktail: “Mystic” (rosé wine with sherbet).
      • Sit-down dinner: Plated salad, then buffet, very good rolls and bread.
      • Greenery and candles for the tables.
      • Real wine glasses for those who pay corkage fee.
      • There will be a band: Buck Shot and Any Reason (the same band that played two years ago at Lyn Foster’s and Glenn Webb’s home).

      Action items:

      • Leanne will send Todd Yvega a URL to a video of the Band that will be performing for inclusion in the email blasts.
      • Cheryl Frees to drop off the basket of RCPOA alcohol to Jay Butler.
    4. Recess

      ~20:00 — The Chair called a brief recess.

      ~20:11 — The Chair called the meeting back to order.

    5. Neighborhood Security Committee Report

      ~20:12 — Neighborhood Security Committee Chair Armine Perian presented.

      • Meeting with the Glendale Police Department on Thursday, June 21 with about 20 in attendance.
      • Raffi Saroyan posted the minutes on Nextdoor.com.
      • At the meeting Raffi offered a comparative evaluation of Ring and Nest (wireless doorbell cameras).
      • There will be a debriefing meeting tomorrow.  The committee will also develop a formal schedule for posting regular “See Something, Say Something” soundbites on safety on Nextdoor.com.
      • An RSVP officer (Retired Senior Volunteer Program) gave a lively presentation about GPD’s Vacation Check offering.


      • Cheryl Frees pointed out that when Raffi posted the minutes on Nextdoor.com, he did so as a response to the invitation thread, which causes the item to be placed further down the page where many won’t see it.  She suggests when posting minutes in the future, to also create a new post so that it will start at the top.
      • Cheryl asked Armine to remind the committee that the moniker RCPOA should be prepended to NSC or Neighborhood Security Committee because RCPOA members should be aware that the NSC is part of their association.
      • Cheryl sent a thank you note to the officers who attended.  During the meeting some complained about the daily right turn lane blockage in front of St. Gregory Armenian Catholic Church.  One of the Officers responded and said he informed the parking division and they said they would enforce that green zone.
      • The discussion changed to traffic congestion when crossing Verdugo eastbound on Mountain due to the recent reduction in the number of through lanes from two to one.
      • Richard Blasco: The rightmost of the two left turn lanes should allow either left or straight, just like across the street.

      Action Items:

      • Cheryl Frees: Send a note to the traffic engineer about the two left hand turn lanes eastbound on Mountain at Verdugo.
    6. Newsletter Report

      ~20:24 — Newsletter Editor Richard Blasco presented.

      As this is the first Board meeting Richard has attended, Cheryl Frees introduced him to the Board, making the following points:

      • Richard has already published one newsletter and has another ready to go to print.
      • The previous newsletter editor, Lyn Foster, started with something simple ten years ago and over time polished it into a gem.  Richard started with new software and succeeded in keeping continuity with Lyn’s design in his first issue.
      • The early deadline for the current newsletter was due to the early Summer Social and Richard’s vacation.
      • Richard has been documenting his procedures as he develops them to ease the learning curve for a future newsletter editor.
      • Richard described difficulty getting content from Excel (the Real Estate Update) into the page layout software.
      • Richard asked for complaints.  None?  Great, let’s Move on.
    7. Treasurer’s Report

      ~21:15 — Treasurer Richard Lee presented.

      Richard distributed the following documents to the Board, and reviewed them for the directors in attendance.

      • Treasurer’s Report of Financial Results for the period May 14 through July 9, 2018 (attached).
      • Financial Results for the Fourteenth Annual Summer Picnic (attached).
      • RCPOA Budget for 2018 (attached).

      ~21:22 — Motion by Todd Yvega: “I move that the Board approve the Treasurer’s financial statements as presented.”

      Seconded.  No Discussion.  Motion Carried unanimously.

  4. New Business
    1. Lost name tags and sleeves

      Todd Yvega asked the Board if anyone had taken home the name tag and name tag sleeve boxes from the Picnic.  If no-one has them, then he will need to buy new ones for the Summer Social.

  5. Adjournment

    ~21:23 — Meeting adjourned.

Todd Yvega, Secretary