Table of Contents

  1. Call to Order and Roll Call
  2. Approval of Minutes From the Previous Regular Board Meeting
  3. Open Issues
    1. Membership Committee Report
    2. Newsletter Report
    3. 2019 Nominating Committee Formation
    4. Liability Insurance
    5. Annual Member Meeting Planning
    6. Recess
    7. Neighborhood Security Committee Report
    8. Interest Groups Report
    9. Treasurer’s Report
  4. New Business
    1. Board Appreciation Dinner
    2. Location of the March Board meeting
  5. Adjournment

  1. Call to Order and Roll Call

    ~19:01 — President Cheryl Frees-Yvega called to order the regular meeting of the RCPOA Board of Directors at the home of Director Richard Blasco, the President being in the chair and the Secretary being present.

    Directors present (at the call to order):
    Richard Blasco, Cheryl Frees-Yvega, Byron Hibdon, Wendy Myers, Brad Nelson, Armine Perian, Leanne Reynolds, John Wolff, Todd Yvega.
    Directors present (arriving after the call to order):
    Armine Hacopian, Tina Parsegian.
    Directors absent:
    Richard Lee, Beth Volpe.
  2. Approval of Minutes From the Previous Regular Board Meeting

    ~19:02 — Secretary Todd Yvega presented.

    Draft minutes of the October 8, 2018 Regular Board Meeting

    • Initially distributed to the Board on Tuesday, October 23, by email (PDF attachment and URL to the document on the RCPOA wiki).
    • On Monday, November 26 the President redistributed the aforementioned PDF (unrevised), along with the agenda for this meeting.
    • As of last Saturday evening there had been no further edits made to the document on the wiki.
    • The Secretary asked the Board for any corrections or alterations prior to approval.  None were offered.

    Motion by Todd Yvega: “I move that the Board approve the minutes of the October 8, 2018 Regular Board Meeting as distributed.”

    Seconded.  No discussion.  Motion carried unanimously.

  3. Open Issues
    1. Membership Committee Report

      ~19:03 — Vice President and Membership Committee Chair Wendy Myers presented.

      • After the Annual Meeting Wendy will pursue renewals from un-renewed past members followed by neighbors who are active on Nextdoor.com.

      ~19:04 — Directors Armine Hacopian and Tina Parsegian arrived.

      • Wendy said she may ask certain directors to contact certain neighbors, which she has done in the past to good effect.
    2. Newsletter Report

      ~19:05 — Newsletter Committee Chair Richard Blasco presented.

      • The next issue (January 2019) is close to done.
      • Stephanie will send photographs for the interest groups section.
      • Wendy Myers told Richard she has a ton of envelopes for insertion into the newsletters.
        • The envelopes need to be taken to Harvey Printers.  Since Richard sends the newsletter there electronically, Cheryl asked Richard to let Wendy and her know when he will do so so they can arrange to take the envelopes there in time.
      • Richard has been investigating the possible use of EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) for delivering the Newsletter.  The advantage is lower cost.  The disadvantage is that delivery is by predefined areas (by mail carrier).  Owing to discorrelation between the RCPOA area and overlapping EDDM areas, the newsletter would be delivered to many homes not within the RCPOA boundaries, and we would have to determine a list of RCPOA homes not in the EDDM area and separately direct-mail to those households.
      • Wendy Myers asked Richard if he has confidence in the new mailing service (Chase Avenue Production Direct Mail Services), as we have been experiencing spotty delivery.  Richard has reason to believe the problem is with the USPS, not Chase Ave.
      • As the next issue will be the first 50th Anniversary issue, it will include a summary of the RCPOA’s 50-year history.
    3. 2019 Nominating Committee Formation

      ~19:12 — President Cheryl Frees-Yvega presented.

      • Director terms due to expire: Cheryl Frees‚ÄźYvega, Wendy Myers, Richard Lee, Tina Parsegian, Beth Volpe, Armine Hacopian
      • Each of those directors is prepared to serve another term.
      • This is the meeting where we appoint the Nominating Committee for 2019.  The RCPOA Bylaws state: “This committee shall consist of three past Presidents and two current members of the Board.”  Past Presidents Dan Cabrera, John Wolff, and Leanne Reynolds have agreed to serve on the committee.  Wendy Myers is interested in Chairing the committee this year and Todd Yvega is happy to serve having been on the committee several times before.

      ~19:14 — Motion by Todd Yvega: “I move that the Board appoint a Nominating Committee composed of past Presidents Dan Cabrera, John Wolff, and Leanne Reynolds; and directors Wendy Myers and Todd Yvega.”

      Seconded.  No discussion.  Motion carried unanimously.

    4. Liability Insurance

      ~19:15 — President Cheryl Frees-Yvega presented.

      • Where we last left off, we had talked about liability insurance perhaps being more worthwhile than D&O (Directors and Officers Insurance).  The D&O would cost between $700 and $1200 annually.  Liability insurance priced out at $1,536 per year, with major exclusions (not covering much of anything we might run afoul of).
      • John Wolff: The Summer Social is the biggest liability.  One thing to deal with that is a waiver.
        • Many think a waiver spoils the friendly neighborly mood.
      • Byron Hibdon made two points:
        1. Lawsuits tend to be opportunistic — They go where the money is.  RCPOA doesn’t have sufficiently deep pockets.
        2. Insurance is for the people being covered.  Different people feel different needs.  So the question is, is anyone here really concerned about it?
      • Brad Nelson’s concern is that when we hire a contractor, such as a caterer, we should always ask for a copy of their certificate of insurance.

      Motion by Byron Hibdon: “I move that the Board dismiss the issue of obtaining liability insurance, but make it a policy that when utilizing a vendor/contractor we always ask for a certificate of insurance.”

      Seconded.  Floor open for discussion.

      • The discussion turned to event-based insurance riders and homeowner’s insurance.
      • Richard Blasco: Regardless of whether we’ll be liable for something, the issue is: Who’s going to pay for defense?
      • Armine Hacopian: We should develop a standard form contractors can sign.
      • Brad Nelson: It’s not enough to just obtain a copy of a contractor’s certificate of insurance.  We need to be sure we are listed as additional insured.

      The question was called.  Motion carried unanimously.

    5. Annual Member Meeting Planning

      ~19:34 — President Cheryl Frees-Yvega presented.

      • This will be the first event of our 50th anniversary year.
      • February 2nd at the Chevy Chase Country Club, Cypress Ballroom.  Light appetizers.
      • Back to the Future theme.  We’ll look back at the last 50 years, and we’ll hear about plans for Glendale’s future.
      • Speakers: Bradley Calvert (Phil Lanzafame’s #2), and tentatively Paul Ayers, archivist (long time RCPOA member).
      • To develop the “RCPOA’s past” part of the program, Cheryl reviewed the historical records curated by the RCPOA Secretaries over the years.  She discovered four consistently recurring themes throughout:
        1. Development
        2. Neighborhood Security
        3. Beautification (Trees, Curb painting, Traffic calming)
        4. Social
      • We can create beautiful museum-style displays of artifacts from the Secretaries’ box (newspaper clippings, letters, memorabilia, etc.)
      • John Sparr Tavern will donate 3 gift cards for a raffle.  Other suggestions: Virgils, Fish King, La Cabanita, a flower arrangement from a local forist.


      • Leanne Reynolds: Should we save some of the gift ideas for the Summer Social?
        • Cheryl: A rule of thumb is to have 1 prize for every 10 to 12 attendees.  We can save the flower arrangement for the Summer Social.
        • Byron Hibdon: If we want to get more raffle item donations for the summer social, Debbie Hinckley has contacts galore.
      • Cheryl donated the other prizes because we expect a net loss for this annual meeting.  (To boost attendance we chose to keep the admission fee low despite the the Chevy Chase Country Club room fee.)
      • Byron Hibdon recommended that the portion of the program about RCPOA’s history be not only about the past, but include comments about the future.
        • Several directors added that we welcome new events and we’ve been open to new ideas (e.g., Interest Groups, Nextdoor.com, the Neighborhood Security Committee).
      • Wendy Myers: Dan Cabrera has one of the oldest houses in the neighborhood and has old photos of the developing neighborhood.
      • Should form a committee to help set up the museum displays.
    6. Recess

      ~19:52 — The Chair called a brief recess.

      ~20:02 — The Chair called the meeting back to order.

    7. Neighborhood Security Committee Report

      ~20:02 — Neighborhood Security Committee Chair Armine Perian presented.

      • Raffi Saroyan had 2 sample RCPOA-branded signs printed (each with a different border).
        • Most (if not all) directors preferred the option having the white border outside the rounded red border.
      • Initial count: a dozen
      • To be placed at strategic locations.
      • Since the signs are moveable they can be repositioned at any time to hot-spots.  Also when a sign is in the same place for too long, people stop noticing it.
      • Armine Hacopian suggested a blurb in the newsletter or Nextdoor.com saying “Look for these signs” accompanied by a photo or a rendering.
        • Armine Perian said once the signs go up she will post about it on the nextdoor.com.
        • There isn’t room in the upcoming newsletter as it is already fully laid out.
      • Tina Parsegian pointed out that the sample signs are smaller than the picnic signs.
        • Brad Nelson will measure the height and width of the picnic signs and email them to Cheryl Frees-Yvega.
      • Discussion about whether to buy single-sided or double-sided.  Armine Perian says that for most signs the back will face the house.
        • Armine Hacopian pointed out that the blank side will invite graffiti.
        • Tina Parsegian will price out both single and double sided, and get quotes from printers she has worked with.

      ~20:16 — Motion by Byron Hibdon: “I move that the Board grant the President authority to make a purchasing decision once prices have been obtained for the available sizes and single- vs. double-sided options.”

      Seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.

      Cheryl suggested an agenda item for the Neighborhood Security Committee: The old Neighborhood watch signs were put up by the city in the '80s and are faded to the point of unreadability.  Especially with the new Police Chief encouraging Neighborhood Watch, this might be a good time to ask the City for a refresh.

    8. Interest Groups Report

      ~20:22 — President Cheryl Frees-Yvega presented the report of Interest Groups Update prepared for the newsletter by Interest Groups Committee Chair Stephanie Schus.

      • Things are proceeding nicely.
      • Interest Groups were started in 2011.  7 years going strong.
      • Armine Hacopian asked how many members are in the groups.
        • The two cooking groups are full.  The gardening group has about 20 members but we get about 12 at each of the meetings.  9 or 10 in the Book Discussion Group.
      • Membership Committee Chair Wendy Myers said that she still recruits new members who are drawn by the interest groups.  “It works.”
      • Armine Hacopian suggested that the Board send thank you letters to the people who lead the groups.
      • Richard Blasco suggested listing the interest group leaders along with directors on the back page of the newsletter.
    9. Treasurer’s Report

      ~20:24 — Director Tina Parsegian presented on behalf of Treasurer Richard Lee (not present).

      Tina reviewed the following documents for the directors in attendance.

      • Treasurer’s Report of Financial Results for the period October 8 through December 10, 2018 (attached).
      • RCPOA 2018 Budget and preliminary 2019 budget (attached).

      Discussion of preliminary 2019 budget items.

      • Cheryl Frees-Yvega has taken notes during this discussion and will relay them to the Treasurer.
      • Byron Hibdon: We need a line item for 50th anniversary-specific expenses.
      • Armine Hacopian brought up the subject of maintaining a “Reserve” or “Contingency budget” (sometimes called “Rainy day fund”, “Emergency fund”, “War chest”).
        • Brad Nelson: Should we set an amount (balance) that we never let the treasury fall below?
        • To be put on the agenda for the next meeting:  What is an appropriate reserve (perhaps in terms of percent of the year’s budget)?
  4. New Business
    1. Board Appreciation Dinner

      ~20:42 — Brought by Cheryl Frees-Yvega

      • Tuesday 12-18 at the Chevy Chase Country Club, Sycamore Room.
      • Cocktail hour at 6:00 PM.  Dinner at 7:00 sharp.
    2. Location of the March Board meeting

      ~20:42 — Brought by Cheryl Frees-Yvega

      • Monday 03-11.
      • Beth Volpe volunteered to host the meeting.
  5. Adjournment

    ~20:43 — Meeting adjourned.

Todd Yvega, Secretary