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Nextdoor.com Tips

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What is Nextdoor.com?

Nextdoor is the private social network for you, your neighbors and your community.  It’s the easiest way for you and your neighbors to talk online and make all of your lives better in the real world.  And it’s free.

Thousands of neighborhoods are already using Nextdoor to build happier, safer places to call home.  People are using Nextdoor to:

Nextdoor’s mission is to use the power of technology to build stronger and safer neighborhoods.

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To get the best experience on Nextdoor, we suggest you configure your settings as follows:

Emails (to you) when neighbors post

Other emails

Nearby Neighborhoods

From time to time someone on Nextdoor might post things you don’t care to see.  You can “mute” those neighbors so you no longer see their posts or comments to posts, and they won’t know.  You will only see any Urgent Alerts from a neighbor you have muted.