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Want to find more about crime in our neighborhood or our adjacent neighborhoods?  Try Crime Mapping.  You can create alerts so you’ll be emailed whenever crime happens in your area and you can check the site to find out what is happening in our city at large.



CrimeReports.com appears to be very similar to CrimeMapping.com.



Looking to receive alerts from your local agencies?  On your cellphone, text your Zip Code to 888777 to Opt In.  Or go to nixle.com and click that you are a Resident.  You can enter your zip code to see what’s happening where you live, or receive text alerts for:

You can also follow Nixle on Twitter @Nixle

The City of Glendale hosts a convenient site to sign-up for Nixle alerts from the GPD and other public safety agencies in your area (by zip code) at http://www.glendaleca.gov/government/departments/police-department/crime-prevention-crime-statistics/sign-up-for-nixle-notifications.  (More about this at http://www.glendaleca.gov/Home/Components/News/News/1018/16?arch=1&npage=18.)

Live Calls for Service Log

This is a BETA site, so at times the log isn’t up-to-date.  But when it is, it’s a great resource to find out about police activity in your neighborhood.

This “Live Calls for Service Log” is designed to provide the Glendale community timely access to information about crimes, arrests, and other police related activities occurring in our city.  The Calls for Service Log captures approximately the last 72 hours of police related activities and is updated roughly every 30 minutes.

The information on the Live Calls for Service Log is taken directly from the Glendale Police Department’s Communications Bureau.  However, certain calls, crimes, and arrests reported are not included because of concerns relating to confidentiality, protection of victims, and/or maintaining the integrity of ongoing investigations.  Calls for Service not on the Log include but are not limited to: hate crimes, rape, domestic violence, child abuse or suspected child abuse, child molestation/annoyance, criminal/terrorist threats, alleged mentally ill subjects, suspected adult abuse, and search warrant service.


Vacation Check

Please consider completing a vacation check form if you plan on leaving town for an extended period of time.


Crime Stoppers

Keep Glendale Safe.  Report Crime Without Getting Involved.

Do you know about a crime that has happened or will happen?  Are you afraid to tell the police?  Many people are worried they might be hurt if someone found out they reported a crime.  Crime Stoppers lets you report crime and completely protects your identity.  And, if an arrest is made, you may receive a cash reward.

How Do I Contact Crime Stoppers?


Crime Statistics / Booking Reports


Glendale’s Most Wanted


Sign up for Nixle Notifications


Black Bear Safety and Awareness


Mountain Lion Safety Information