City of Glendale Problem Solving Directory

Whom do I call about...

Neighbor Disputes Dispute Resolution Service 562-570-1019
Housing Mediation Program 800-477-5977 ext. 31
Dumped Shopping Carts Shopping Cart Retrieval 800-252-4613
Stray Animals Animal Control 626-792-7151
Permits and Licenses
(not for buildings)
City Clerk 818-548-2090
Neighborhood Blight
(peeling paint, illegal conversions, junk cars, other code violations)
Neighborhood services
Quality of Life Hotline
Graffiti Removal Graffiti Removal Hotline 818-548-3726
Fire Hazards
(weed abatement, inspections, etc.)
Fire Prevention 818-548-4810
Dumped Sofas, TVs, Water Heaters, etc. Integrated Waste 818-548-3916
Street Sweeping and Maintenance Maintenance Services 818-548-3950
Park Issues Parks and Recreation 818-548-2000
Stop Signs, Curb Painting, Speed Bumps, etc. Traffic Engineering 818-548-3960
Rental Assistance Community Development 818-548-3936
Senior Citizen Information Senior Hotline 818-548-3775
Police Services
Emergency Dispatch 911
Non-emergency Dispatch 818-548-4911
Traffic/Parking Traffic Bureau 818-548-3132
Long-term Problem Solving COPPS 818-548-4015
Vacation Checks RSVP (allow 1 week) 818-548-4825