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See the slideshow of the 2017 RCPOA Family Picnic (posted 2017-06-07)

Updated details about the Interest Groups (posted 2015-05-16)

Nextdoor Royal and Greenbriar Canyons
A private online social network just for
local residents (RCPOA and Glen Knolls areas).
    4 reasons to join:
  • Receive alerts from police and your neighbors
  • Post lost pet alerts, offer or find sitting services, arrange playdates, etc.
  • Find a home for “stuff” you don’t need or learn of free “stuff” offered by neighbors
  • Get recommendations for local service providers
Click to Join Now!

Recommended by Glendale Police.
Free and open to Greenbriar area residents only!

Click here to see the winning recipes from the cupcake contest at the 2013 RCPOA Family Picnic (posted 2013-08-18)

A Neighborhood Watch Success Story (posted 2012-06-03)

RCPOA Online Store debuts, featuring secure online credit card transactions (posted 2012-05-14)

Until now, when considering joining the RCPOA or renewing membership, or RSVPing for an RCPOA event, one was confronted with the need to acquire and fill out a paper form, dig up the ol’ checkbook, write a check, find an envelope and a stamp, write the addresses on the envelope and take it to the mailbox.  Just enough inconvenience to make procrastination an appealing decision.

To remove the aforementioned obstacles the RCPOA introduces the RCPOA Online Store.  Residents can quickly and easily join or renew their membership or RSVP for an RCPOA event online, paying securely by credit card (or with a PayPal account).

Even if you prefer to mail a check, we encourage you to use the RCPOA Online Store to fill out the form online and then print the invoice to mail with your check.  This helps us avoid misspelled names and errors in addresses, phone numbers, etc., that often result from reading handwritten information.

Interest Groups (posted 2011-11-06)

Spearheaded by the RCPOA, several “Interest Groups” have recently been formed by neighborhood residents.  Click here to learn more about Interest Groups.

Join Your Neighbors

If you live within or near the boundaries of the Royal Canyon Property Owners Association (see map), there are many reasons why you should be a member of the RCPOA.  Our association has been serving property owners in the area surrounding Royal Boulevard and Greenbriar Road since 1961.

Our mission is to keep our neighborhood safe, hold events of interest and maintain property values.  Membership dues support communication among neighbors with our newsletter and keeping this web site up-to-date.

Membership is $20.00 annually per household and is due in January to support our activities throughout the year.  Click here to learn more about RCPOA membership.

A Recap of Recent RCPOA Events

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